Hey- jlh and others on Neurontin

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  1. LollieBoo

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    Hi, I noticed on another thread,you posted about the relief Neurontin has given you, and I am hoping I can get some input. I just started on Neurontin (300 mg/day), and I'm wondering #1, when I might notice a difference, #2 how much you had to increase your dosage before you noticed a difference, and #3 did you have any negative side effects?
    Anyone's input (good or bad) is appreciated... i just saw that Janet had specifically mentioned her results.
    Thank you!
  2. JLH

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    Hi, Lollie!

    I take Neurotin, 300 mg, 3 x day. That's a total of 900 mg. My sister takes a total of 1800 mg. a day!!! WOW!

    I noticed a difference in 2 or 3 weeks, I think. I really can't remember.

    I started out on just taking it twice a day, then the next week increased my dosage to 3 x day.

    I never did have any side effects like some of the people here did.

    I even noticed a bigger difference in my pain level when I quit taking Prozac and started on Cymbalta!!

    The combination of both meds really help my pain level!!

    I hope you get along OK with your Neurotin and don't have any side effects.

    Hugs and take care,
  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    it worked immediately for me.For me it seems to target the nerve pain whereas theLortab targets the fobro pain
  4. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    What is the type of pain that you feel Neurontin best helps?
  5. KJ2003

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    I take Neurontin, too, and am still on 300mg two times per day. I've only been on it a couple of weeks.

    I noticed a difference from the very beginning. I have bad burning pain in my upper back and it has completely taken it away. I still contend with spasms (and one has been particularly difficult to deal with lately), but Neurontin was designed for nerve pain, not muscular pain.

    Good luck on using Neurontin. There is a new drug on the market called Lyrica. My doctor said he was going to switch me but I'm trying to find out more abou this medication before I make the leap.

    Chin up,

  6. kfinn2

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    I just started Neurontin a few days ago and I already notice less pain. Drowsiness is my only side effect, but as a person with insomnia, I welcome being tired *and* being able to sleep. In fact the increased sleep might be why I feel so much better. I am on 300mg but the doc said I should build up to 900mg/day.

  7. blkkat

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    hi lollieboo! ive been on it almost a year,i started out real slow cause meds. dont like me at all. so it took me about a month to get to where i felt my numbness/tingling/sharp-stabbing pain fade some BUT i can only take 400mg a day -100morn./200mg.afternoon-100mg. at bed time, ive tried 500mg. a day but i get( REAL DUMB) no lie! but if i try and go down to 300 my tingling ect. comes back full force after 3 days, ive done that 3 diff. times in the past year so i guess 400mg is where i stay. i also take oxycodone 3xday for the pain. good luck hope this helped with what you asked us. HUGS, from people who care! BLKKAT
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  8. puppyfreak

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    I took Neurontin several years ago when I first developed neuropathy pain but it didn't really help.
    I'm taking it again [300mg 3X/daily] along with MS Contin every 12 hours and Vicodin 3X/daily. I notice that it has enhanced the effects of the narcotics and is even helping the neuropathy pain some [in my feet] which I never thought anything would do!
    If you do a Google search, you'll find that that's a 'bonus' effect - that it acts with morphine opiods to increase their pain-relieving properties.
    The main side effect is drowsiness and I'm sleeping a little longer but I also just got a new Novaform mattress from Costco so it's restful sleep for a change!
    Doses vary for each person so monitor how it works for you and let your Doc know so you can figure out the correct dose for you.