Hey Jude, don't make it bad

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    I'm still bursting with happy thoughts this morning after watching last night's 50 yr Salute to the Beetles, it was a fantabulous Music Olympics, 2.5 hrs of Pure Getting Lost in Pleasure.....(closed my eyes during commericals, which I always do anyway).....

    Paul ended the show with his wonderful Hey Jude, the room was ecstatic, everyone was rocking and singing....

    It was truly an incredible show and went back into the Beetles early lives from birth to now with Paul and Ringo......Yoko Ono was dancing in the aisle and I believe her son from John Lennon was right next to her.

    I got up off the couch and was moving as best I could to some of the music....I danced into my mid 50's as I remember and loved music and dancing all my life until this dang OA took over and stopped it all. Fond fond memories.....

    So glad I watched the show and hope some of you folks did too. jam

    Paul is 71 and Ringo is 73 and both still have good Energy.....
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    NYTimes Review:

    The New York Times
    Loading... 8 hours ago - Television. 50 Years Later, Beatles Steal Another Show ... 27, the day after this year's Grammy Awards, with an extensive lineup including Paul ...
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    Hi Jam

    Glad you had a good time. When I think of the Beatles I usually think of Simon and Garfunkel
    too. Same time; similar music. I don't know why these two group are in the Rock N Roll Hall
    of Fame. Seems to me their music was pop.

    There are some videos on Youtube that refer to the 50th anniversary and Special Tribute.
    They were just posted, but most are very short. There's one that's about an hour.

    Ta Ta
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    The show was great and I found out why the Beatles/Beetles called themselves this "bug"...it was after the Buddy Holly band, The Crickets.......
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    I've been wanting to mention Philip Seymour Hoffman here and thought I'd make a few comments on this celeb post, Phil was a great actor and from all I've been hearing a great human being and had so much to live for, I sure didn't appreciate his last act....RIP Phil.
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    Me and hub watched the Beatles tribute Sunday. We were both thrilled to pieces.

    I smiled so hard through the whole thing my face hurt, haha.

    Loved seeing Paul and Ringo and their wives in the audience first row, along with George's wife Olivia, and their son Dhani played guitar up on stage with the band, and Yoko and her and John's son Sean.

    I have to laugh at myself - at 60 I can't even get up and dance anymore, yet there was 80 year old Yoko rockin' the aisles, and Ringo rockin' the stage at 73. What hardy souls.

    My blood pressure shot through the roof from the excitement, hahahaha.

    When I was 15 I would leave my 45 'Hey Jude' play over and over on my automatic record changer turntable.

    We're watching it again right now - same channel is re-running it.

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    Missed the reunion, but Hey Jude brings back so many memories. At our Jr High School dances, it was always the last song played. That's when the boys, who were too shy to ask a girl to dance, knew they only had one shot left and would FINALLY walk over to the girls side and pop the question.

    And if there was anyone "going steady" they made sure to be with their "one and only" for this song...and since the song lasted "forever" it was just heaven to be slow dancing with the man of your dreams, lol!

    Of course, if the guys took too long to start asking girls to dance, the girls just danced with each other or with a group...and watch out on "ladies choice" dances, lol...it was like a stampede from our side of the room to the guys'.