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    Can't remember if I posted about this or not.


    A buncha short videos about life in Minnesota. Just watched a video about alpacas and one about
    Rondo. Rondo was a Black community in St. Paul. Ever hear of it? It was wiped out ca. 1959
    when a freeway went through.


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    Nope, you didn't post it before.

    WCCO! I remember many a subzero Minnesota morning as a kid, listening to WCCO on the radio. There was a guy named Bill who did a show: weather, sports, movies, and he did characters like "Ma Linger." Get it? Malinger? Forgot his last name, though.

    I've driven that stretch of I94 and Dale probably hundreds of times, and never heard of the Rondo neighborhood. Fascinating video. I94 is the main artery between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. That area, around Selby and Dale, used to be really rough, but has undergone an urban renewal.

    Also watched the bluegrass video and the one on Forepaugh's Restaurant. Never ate at Forepaugh's, but I remember the 1870s mansion and drove by there many times.

    Thanks for the link. I'll send it on to my dad.
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    It is interesting to read your messages, guys! sounding a bit sentimental? I am jealous of the two of you....in new mexico(?) and California! I am still in Minnesota and haven't left the house since mid December! There is at least a foot of snow on the ground. We had water in the basement -for the first time in 21 years- from the spring thaw! and rain, combined....

    then a blizzard which put us back and we will have to go through the thaw again...and the water in the basement....remember blizzards in April?

    I wish i lived where you guys do! You were smart to bail out.
  4. rockgor

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    Are you new to the board? If so, welcome. If not, welcome anyway. Where are you? Or doncha
    wanna say? Some folks says you must never say anything personal on the internet.

    I live in Los Angeles along w/ about 12,000,000 other people. How personal is that?

    I am from Harmony. If you want to read about my yute (youth) in Harmony, see the book club
    thread re: Home to Harmony.

    Had an e mail from my brother in LeRoy a couple days ago. He said, "It's snowing. Ah, Spring
    in Minnesota." I've been here 40 years. I can sum it up for you in two sentences. CA has
    nicer weather. MN has nicer people.

    Very few cases of water in basements here. Most homes don't have a basement.

    I remember listening to WCCO on especially bad winter mornings to if school would be closed.
    And, of course, I listened to all the great radio programs of the 40s and 50s (Jack Benny, Amos
    and Andy, Red Skelton, Suspense, Lux Radio Theater) until 1953. That year everydobby in
    town got a TV and radio listening was pretty much relegated to the car.

    Cedric Adams was the big radio star at WCCO. He also had a column in the paper. Can't remember
    the names for sure. The Minneapolis Tribune and the St. Paul Herald Dispatch? Well, newspaper
    are always merging and combining their names. The current trend (for some decades, I guess) is
    that they are shrinking and going outta business.

    Better wind this up. Been having problems w/ long posts disappearing lately.

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    I am indeed in New Mexico (Albuquerque) and Rock is in LA. My father lives in Wabasha and my sister in Minnetonka. Don't you hate when people in warmer climates say, "It was COLD here today! It dropped into the FIFTIES! And the sun was only out for half the day!"
    I do remember blizzards in April in the Twin Cities (I grew up in South St. Paul), and don't miss them, hate to say. But I do miss the Minnesota spirit and friendliness.

    Hope the thaw doesn't leave your basement in a deluge again. Water in a basement is no fun. Also hope you get some warm, spring-like weather soon, and get to get outside again!

    In the meantime, tune in to WCCO for us!

  6. ilovepink4

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    I dream of moving to a warmer climate. I feel a little better in the summer, some years. I am housebound from december until april? or so...i just lose all my energy and get exhausted being around people and noise....and being up out of bed... but the warmer air seems to feel better...or the vit D from the sun!

    do you think you have better health in a desert climate? i can't remember what rock is dealing with and ken, i think you are CFS and/or FM? I am FM, myofascial pain syndrome, blah,blah, blah....
  7. rockgor

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    Above site is for a buncha postcards from "the Old Country", i.e., Minnesota.

    Ft. Snelling, lots of churches and schools, Lake Wobegone, home of Sinclair Lewis, another
    St. Wenceslaus church, Minnehaha Falls, etc. Three or four from Wabasha, Ken.

    I love old postcards. Usta collect 'em. Sometimes I would ask a a thrift shop and they would
    dig around under the counter and pull out a shoebox full of treasures.

    Now I'm getting rid of stuff. The only things I buy now are used paperbacks and an occasional CD.

    Pink, I have CFS anda bucha other stuff. Can't really compare the effect of the weather because I've
    lived here for the last 42 years. I wasn't sick when I lived in MN.

    Got a DVD from my brother in LeRoy yesterday. Showing his two grandkids who are toddlers.
    I think one is going to be a musician. He sways and bobs and waves his arms to music.

    Ha det bra
  8. ilovepink4

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    Rock, i love to buy used books, too...i have issues with this, I think because I buy them faster than I can read them...

    I would love to bring our boys exploring down by the cities....Fort snelling would be great! Last summer I felt well enough to take them to the local Forest History Center...there is a building with all kinds of history of logging in Minnesota....and then a Logging camp with people dressed up and reenacting the roles of the cook, the blacksmith, etc...it was so fun! I wish I could take them all over to visit historical places but at the moment I am housebound....and the good stuff is all south of us...

    well, the boys are ready for me to read...it is bedtime and time to read "Sir Fartsalot and the Booger" .....sigh....we just finished the 5th Harry Potter book....870 pages, i think....I am thinking Sirfartsalot isn't going to be much fun....i didn't like the first few chapters...I did enjoy The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 & 2...kids books can be fun!
  9. rockgor

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    Never heard of Forepaugh's restaurant before, Ken. Sounds like some kinda pun in a children's book.
    The WCCO video would only play a few seconds, stop, play, stop, etc. I did find some other sites.

    One of them was a ghost site. Said Joseph Forepaugh shot himself and Molly the maid, and possibly
    his paramour, hanged herself. Her ghost has been seen at the mansion. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, looks tres elegante; the kind of place that is too high faluten for me. Cate used that phrase
    on a porch post the other day. I can't recall ever seeing it in print before. Folks used to say it
    when I was a kid though.

    Pink, looked for Sirwhatyousaid at the LA Library. They don't have it. I did see it got a good review
    on Amazon or some place. You're right. Kids' books can be fun. Every ten years or so I check
    out a Pooh book or Wind in the Willows. And I have some Little Lulu comics on hold.

    Just finished another Elmore Leonard thriller. He books often give me the sensation that there is
    stuff going on underneath that he doesn't really mention. Anyhoo this one is called "Pagan Babies".
    A title I do not like. Kinda ends w/o the expected bang. Not one of his best. But good enough
    to keep me reading to the end.

    You would love our library used book sales, Pink. Paperbacks are only a dime. That's the good
    news. The other side of the coin is that the vast majority of the books are romance novels.
    My sister in law (Tami Hoag) started off writing romances a couple or 3 decades ago. Don't
    know what she's doing now.

  10. kholmes

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    Sir Fartsalot and the Booger? LOL. Looks like I'd have to get that through interlibrary loan; no luck when I did a search for that one. I might just do it to get a reaction out of the staid reference librarian. She's a bit of a, well, I'll be nice.

    Have publishers been going for more provocative titles in order to sell more books lately?

    "Sex, Death, and Snails" (really, just about snails, I've heard).
    "Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven" (really about a woman's adventures in China)

    Rock: Forepaughs was always a little swanky for me, too. "Joseph Forepaugh shot himself and Molly the maid, and possibly his paramour, hanged herself"? Not sure if I could enjoy my filet mignon if I was sitting at a table at Forepaughs, thinking about that.

    One of my favorite restaurants in St. Paul was the Khyber Pass Cafe, with great Afghani food. I worked in the kitchen there for a while, after grad school, making rice and kebobs. It was just off St. Clair, not far from Macalester College.