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    Hey there.
    Several days ago in a thread I was explaining about a root canal tooth that chronically gives me discomfort even after having the root canal redone last year. You replied that it could be condescending osteitis and mentioned a book called Root Canal Cover Up. Well, I got the book Friday and just finished reading it today. WOW. The things your dentist and endodontist don't tell you are beyond belief! I am almost 100% sure that this root canal is causing a lot of stress on my immune system. I sent for a list of practioners that do the cavitation procedure protocol explained in the book through a Laura Lee in Bellevue, WA. She interviewed Dr. La Marche & Meinig which I found on a website. It happens my dentist is buddies with my naturopath who is a Higgins fan so I am hoping when I share what I have learned he will be able to help me. (I'm having my amalgams removed over time.) But if not the list is on its way. I want to get this done as soon as possible because I now believe I know that I am fighting bacteria big time. I will never have another root canal done! It is interesting that originally I broke this tooth in an accident as a kid and it died when I was 13 years old. That is when I had the first root canal done and it didn't bother me all these years (I'm 51) until 2 years ago when I came down with shingles and then acute pericarditis and then CFIDS symptoms. I can see the pattern of my immune system breaking down. I am being treated for adrenal insuffiency and immune dysfunction by my naturopath. I read your post about reading Dr. Poesnecker archives about the "nature of CF patient". I will go there and check it out next. I am very interested in what he has to say about the HPA axis. Your help has been so valuable to me and I am very grateful to you for sharing this information. Thanks for all your help Klutzo. My best to you. CLD
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    <~~ Emphatically agrees...
    and i like her dissposition as well..
    Applause for Klutzo who seemingly doesnt live up to her SN
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    Dear CLD - I did not have a local dentist who knew this procedure so I just took the book to my regular, garden variety Endodontist and offered to pay him extra to do the cavitation procedure. He agreed (money talks!) and charged me an extra $20, which I felt was well worth it, esp. since I am allergic to most antibiotics, and wanted to make sure all that nasty tissue was gone! He simply opened the book to the page I had marked and carefully followed the directions there. Good luck in having your procedure done. Mine was not bad at all.

    Amy - I must be dense, what is this "SN" that I am not living up to? Do you mean my screen name by any chance? If so, I can assure you that having a Mensa level I.Q. does not preclude my being a klutz at all! My spouse does not call me "Klutzo wife" for nothing! Just about every shirt I own has a stain on it from spilling my food, and there is always a bruise, a stubbed toe, a scratch, or some other owie on my body. My balance sucks since I got Fibro, and even going up the first step on a ladder is asking for trouble! :)

    Hugs to both of you,
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    SN means screen name..
    same as user name..
    thanks for a great first day here..i am addicted..
    ill formerly introduce myself tomorrow...IF i have the energy that is ...doh