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    Just wanted to say hello. I've been busy with my grand-daughter. Of course you saw where i had to go see my Rhumey. I've started yesterday taking my Lyrica. Is your Mom still taking it? Did it hurt her? How's the heat there? It's been in the 90s here it went from spring to summer.

    I guess Terri is having a wonderful time visiting her daughter. My son will be home Friday. I saw where they were having snow in Washington state.

    I went Saturday to see grand-daughter in her ballet & jaz recital. When i learn how i'm going to post a picture on my profile.


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    Just had to tell you i went to a Bluegrass Festival this week-in. It was at the college where my son teaches. It was 2 nights. My son & finacee took me i loved it. I don't know if you know who Larry Sparks is but he does bluegrass & blugrass gospel. He's really good. My son & one of his players are good friends. They work at the college together. My son plays really good to. He made me & his dad a gospel CD it was really good--of course i'm his biggest fan. He plays a lot of instruments--he self tought.

    I guess you mom gets shots like me i had one in my in-step of my foot this time. Lyrica has really help my pain. I just feel like sleeping a lot. But when i stay busy that goes away. How long before your mom started to gain weight? I'm at a good weight & don't want to gain any.

    It's been really hot here to it been to 100. We are now back to th 80s with just a little rain. It's dry here. After sitting 6hrs. last night i'm just staying home today. My husband has gone up to see dad. I love spending time by myself.

    I guess Terri has had a good visit with here family. Do you know when she was comming back? My son got home Friday haven't got to see him but have talked to him.

    Until next time.


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