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    I was just wondering if you can elaborate a little on what you said in that other post about FM being classified as an autoimmune now. Truthfully I have always believed it was but I never went on to think of what all that would mean in the long run. Have they really come to believe that these dd's are forerunners for Lupus and others?
    I've been dx for almost 7 yrs.w/FM and then about 4yrs. ago was in an auto accident and recv'd a dx of MPS as well.
    I am just now getting info as I live in rural Southern Michigan, don't have insurance, and my Dr.is from old school
    thinking..."there's no cure..let's just wait and see what happens." (yes I am looking into a new doc!)Anyway, thanks ahead of time for anything you can share to enlighten me.
    Hope you and your's are both feeling better this week!

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    Each time I go to a new Dr. and explain my reason(s) for being there(and Not saying Why I fired the last Dr!), IF I mention "Autoimmune" they will quickly pipe up "OH, FM is NOT an Auto-Immune Disease! ~~~~ I just gawk at them and dont know what to say! I can bring an article or a book on the subject, and Then they get a smirk on their mug and say the person who wrote that was a Quack! I feel so helpless, and again go away empty handed. Oh, well, we can't all read the Latest. They have to spend all their time in the office earning a buck, or on the Lake, right? LOL
    We appreciate you, Madwolf(alias Maddog) LOL
    Fibromiester :)
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    Yes, we do so appreciate you! I will do those searches you recommended, I am on a major "treasure hunt" lately. Tired of not having any answers that make any sense from docs here
    in this small town.
    I had mono when I was 17 and truly believe there's a link there to what "ails me" today. I am glad you have a good doc that listens and learns, it is a great thing to have that kind of relationship.
    I'm really interested in this mycoplasma stuff, as I had food poisoning last August, caused a major battle with bacteria infection. Ended up with an awful u/t infect
    ER doc gave me wrong antibiotics. Two of the types of bacteria critters mutated into highly resistant monsters,
    took i.v. anti-bio and a month and a half of more anti-bio to get to the point of still having some of the critters alive! Another round of biotics.. finally somewhere in Oct./Nov. my tests came back clear of the infection. Now I wonder if all that dead bacteria ever left my body? What say you?
    Thank you again for taking time to giving such a quick reply
    I know you have a full schedule. Rebel
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    How do you dose the doxycycline and do you find the B vit help any? thanx...in advance..also...thanx to you and those that post with SUCH HELPFUL info...am new to this site and it's just been a godsend...am printing alot off of here and making a folder...so HOPEFULLY the info will "reach" my doc as I try to get this disease under control...
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    i've had lupus for 16 yrs.i found out about the fibro 6-7 yrs ago.doc thinks the lupus caused me to get fibro.it wouldn't surprise me to find out the two are liked!

    kathy c
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    Also have FMS. Researchers are looking into all kinds of illnesses and conditions/disorders/syndromes as possibly being related. I've read that things as diverse as ADHD, Annorexia, Bulemia, ALS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, GWI, RA, CFIDS, and FMS are being considered. This is just a partial list as there are all kinds of immune disorders.

    My neighbor has a condition which has never been named, but he itches all the time and if he get any petroleum products on his skin, he breaks out in a rash and is practically bedridden for months on end. He suffers fatigue and cannot tolerate the sun. He's been to the best of docs, but his illness doesn't "fit" exactly into any established criteria for a dx. There are probably umpteen people like this.

    In addition to him and me, in our tiny neighborhood, there is one woman with MS and FMS plus an older woman with Polymyalgia Rheumatica. That's four of us and who knows how many others.

    Love, Mikie