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    I got a question for you and anyone else out there especially new people.... you mentioned in a recent post about "tearing your bicep' if I am recalling the words correctly.... I ruptured the muscle of my leg two yrs ago... it took forever to heal and still brusies easily... so I'm wondering if that was an injury>? and if anyone else has this problem.... its seems to me that perhaps this could be one of the worst of the worst scenarios.... what do you think>? and thanks for the info on tendons....*duh*.... mine get so tight that they can spasm for 20 to 30 minutes causing excrutiating pain and then hurt and are sore as H*ll for three ro four days afterwards... I'm wondering if you have this too.... seems alot of people don't have this part of this set of the symptoms or am I wrong????? Thanks......
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    When I fell off a boat dock ladder which snapped all my weight down on the one arm still hanging on. The surgery took two incisions, drilling into the bone, and a year to recover completely. The doc told me I would never be able to straighten my arm again, but I worked my ass off in PT and can actually hyperflex it now.

    I'm sure when the tendon tore, it also tore the bicep muscle. When I'm flaring, all my old injury sites hurt.

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