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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kathryn, May 27, 2003.

  1. Kathryn

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    is on its way to me. Who would you like me to send it to after I watch it? This lending library is working good. I should find somebody to trade paperbacks with. Postage is cheaper than bookstores, even used.
  2. ForeverFlaring

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    I just got your email and saw what you said here. One thing I want to mention. When I went to mail it, I asked the guy how much to send it. He told me $3.85. I was reching into my purse to pay for it, and then he said that there is a "video postage rate" of I think it was $1.42. Total cost for the packing envelope I bought at the post office and shipping was $2.71. I just thought I would share as even a difference of a few dollars makes a difference to me.
  3. Princessraye

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    I hope you don't mind me horning in but I did when I saw the title because that video interests me.

    What is the lending library???????????????

    Do you know where to get the best price on this video? I had heard about 30 and right now that is a bit steep for me.

    I love that cheaper rate for printed matter and video's . I believe it is called Media Mail.

  4. Kathryn

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    I know about the media rate, I just never remember to use it. You are right - everything helps! Especially after 6 months with no income!
    Princess, about a month ago, somebody announced that they had a couple copies of this video that they were willing to lend out to people who would agree to forward them to someone else who wants it. Molegirl was coordinating initially, but I don't know if she has the time to continue. Tomorrow I will try to find the original discussion and try to discover who my copy is to go to. I think the title of the video was in the title of the message, so it should be easy to find. Look it up and get on the list. If anyone out there remembers where I'm supposed to send my copy to, please let me know.
  5. Fireball

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    I would love to receive a copy of this video and would be willing to watch it and send it on to someone else when I am finished with it. How are people on this board connecting with each other without posting their home address? Thanks.