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    do u know how to interpret redlabs
    my IgAs were all very high and my IgMs were high
    they measured like 5 things in each, how many can there be? i dont even really know what it is, is it measuring antibodies? and dont some people think its good to have antibodies, that at least yer immune system not dead? not agreement in field on that right?
    i have an old test where i think it was candida they were measuring and my IgG was 2x the top of the norm, but does that mean anything else about my immune system or just candida?
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    Hi, simonedb.

    I'm not munch, but maybe this will be helpful:

    It's a good thing that your immune system is able to generate antibodies to foreign substances, but if the levels of the antibodies are higher than normal, it means that there is something that the immune system is responding to. Antibodies are used as clues to what is there that shouldn't be.

    If you are referring to the RedLabs Immunobilan test, I think the story is as follows:

    This is a blood test that measures the levels of IgA and IgM antibodies to several species of bacteria that are normally found in the gut in relatively low populations. That is, they are normally kept suppressed by the friendly bacteria, which produce lactic acid and other substances that keep down the less desirable bacteria.

    If the level of an IgA that is produced against one of these bacteria is high in the blood, it suggests that this bacteria has become overgrown in the gut. That is, it means that you have dysbiosis. The good bugs are not keeping the bad bugs subjugated. It's like a jungle in there!

    If several of these IgM antibodies are elevated in the blood, it means that you have leaky gut (high intestinal permeability). This means that larger molecules that are not supposed to enter the blood are actually doing so by leaking through the wall of the gut into the blood stream. Some of them are lipopolysaccharides (endotoxins) from these bacteria, and your immune system is responding by making antibodies to them.

    Sounds as though you have "all of the above." Sorry about that. Your gut needs some help.


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    haha thanks for the condolences rich
    do you believe that is a true problematic issue ?
    I will hve to read up on that again.
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    from wiki, which sometimes good sometimes not so much for us:
    Microbial colonies also excrete many different types of waste byproducts. Using different waste removal mechanisms, under normal circumstances the body effectively manages these byproducts with little or no trouble. Unfortunately though, over-sized and inappropriately large colonies, due to their increased numbers, excrete increased amounts of these byproducts. As the amount of microbial byproducts increases, the higher waste byproducts levels can overburden the body's waste removal mechanisms.
    It is the combination of these two negative outcomes that causes many of the negative health symptoms observed when dysbiosis is present."

    perhaps it ties into my detox phase 2 problem and difficulty tolerating many meds and supps.
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    wow rich, i just posted a link to this article in the thread about rnase, but here is an excerpt from it:
    'Sacher’s “alternative” approach to treatment of AIDS patients is informed by the views of Dr. Heinrich Kremer; his 2005 book, “Die stille Revolution von Krebs- und AIDS-Medizin” (The quiet revolution in cancer and AIDS medicine), Ehlers Verlag, Wolfratshausen, is to appear in English translation in the near future. The key is recognition that glutathione is a most important antioxidant which also regulates the Th1/Th2 balance: deficiency of glutathione shifts the balance in the direction of Th2. HIV-positive patients invariably have a glutathione deficiency, and their health improves when this is rectified. In addition, Dr. Sacher monitors carefully and corrects deficiencies in vitamins and minerals; she encourages a healthy lifestyle—exercise, minimizing stress—and uses a number of dietary supplements as indicated in individual cases.'

    whole article:

    i am going to study up on leaky gut, my ig results, and autoimmune stuff and glut.

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