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    Hey all,I am 20yrs old.I was dx'ed with Fibro at 11yrs old.I also have IBS and really bad anxiety.I hurt all the time.I cant afford Lyrica.And so I dont know anything else to help my fibro.I have some pain meds put I dont like to take it much.I use a heating pad it helps a good bit.But that is all I know to do.Does anyone have any Ideas.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear that you were run over by the
    Fibro truck at such a young age. There are several boards on this site.
    There is one board for fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome (which I have).
    You can find it on the drop down menu in the upper left corner. The board
    rules are in the upper right corner.

    You will probably get more of a response if you post on the fibro board.

    You can also visit the research library to find articles on fibro (top of page).

    Somebody posted about low cost/free meds. I will see if I can find the
    article and post it here for you.

    I don't know what sort of social life you have. I am old and mine is now
    limited to the chit chat board at this location. Folks discuss pets, music,
    the good old days, annoying relatives, school, work, etc. There are two
    threads that have no specific topic. The porch and the lounge. Feel free
    to drop in and read and/or post.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Well, I no longer have a copy of the post I was looking for. If you go
    to this website (which is on this board) you will find many posts on
    this issue.

    If the URL doesn't work, search for "free meds, care" in the search window
    upper right.

    I see you found the fibro board. Post your newbie message as a new
    post so folks will be aware.

    There is a best selling book on depression called "Feeling Good" by David
    Burns. Don't know if it helps anxiety. Seems like it ought to. Helped
    me deal with depression anyhoo.

    I also got a lotta help from the 12 step program Emotioins Anonymous.
    There is no charge, but they pass the hat (or can or basket) for donations
    to pay for rent, coffee, etc. If you are healthy enough to attend meetings,
    you can search on the net for meetings near you.

    Hope some of this helps.

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    Thanks Rock.I will check in to some of this and i posted on the fibro board.