Hey Prickles Guess Who??? LOL

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    Yeah! WE WiLL GET THERE!!! I have NO DOUBT about that, and, 'SOONER' rather that "LATER'!!!!!!!

    Couldn't beleive it, just went to brew a cuppa, came back, and there on the News, yet another item on someone suffering with 'ME'!!! Unfortunately, I missed the majority of it, but as I said, things are really happening just now!

    You will have to take it easy, and take care of yourself, get yourself through these exams. You sound as though you've got all your 'priorities' in there 'proper' order though, & great 'back-up' from your family & boyfriend, (If I remember right!!!!???)

    Hope all goes well for you, and hope you will keep us in the picture about the newspaper article.

    Love & Peace Mai xxx :)
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