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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by srh, Apr 28, 2006.

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    We need to get out to more than just the daytime shows. Larry King's show is one of them. He does some very compassionate shows.
    You can find his email on the CNN website. Everyone please email him.

    Are there others anyone can think of?? Let us know.


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    famous people, right? Can we send him names of famous people w/ CFS like Blake Edwards. If we had a lot of energy we might be able to write these people ourselves.

    I can't think of any others except the author of "Seabiscuit".
  3. srh

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    I'm sure out of millions of people there "are" some with FM "and" CFS --kma
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    In the past yr. he had a good show on BiPolar. Jane Pauley, Marianne Hartly and Dick Cavat was on, and they suffer from it.

    But quite a few yrs. back his show was talking about CFIDS. I do not remember the show, just a few bits of it. Mickey Rooney was with Larry, I do not know why, he does not have it. Maybe a caller brought it up?

    Anyhow Larry sort of spoofed it and Andy would roll his eyes like "those people with CFIDS" were weird. I felt like throwing something through the TV screen and decided the TV was not at fault, I just needed to change the channel.......
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    April 11, 1999, VH-1 (cable TV). A brief portion of a 90-minute docmentary discussed Cher's two years of being virtually bedridden with "chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as Epstein-Barr syndrome."

    April 16, 1999, CNN, "Larry King Live." In response to a caller's request to explain how she recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome, Cher said she struggled for two years with unsympathetic doctors, but she got better after receiving homeopathic treatments and vitamins and minerals from a holistic doctor. Larry King noted that some believe the illness is imagined, and Cher responded, "I know that I wasn't talking myself into it." Cher is promoting a new movie.

    =============Another show on MS===================
    MONTEL WILLIAMS, DIAGNOSED WITH MS 1999: When I first was diagnosed, one of the things the doctors never told me was one of the primary symptoms especially in men is depression. And it comes with the illness. I didn't know that, Larry. And you know me, you've known me for 12 years. It wasn't until I had sunk into a depression for three months in a row that I tried to kill myself twice that I realized I need to go get some help.

    (Followingsis a Lawyer)
    BARONDESS: It can get pretty bad. And there's not question. I know, that doctor, you know down at Hopkins, the works that's being done down there is particularly with regard to the issues of depression. It is the disease -- Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain. The brain is what controls our emotions. And one has to think that if your brain is being scarred, that it's going to affect you
    my notes:)
    Depression usually comes first in Parkinson disease. We are not alone with our DD. Many illnesses affects us with depression, because of the damage to our brain or because of other things smiliar. Susan

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