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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stick2013, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I noticed in another thread that you were currently reading a thriller by Jeffery Deaver.. May I ask which one???? I just finished reading his current, The Broken Window. I love reading his Lincoln Rhyme series...

    I also am a huge fan of Patrica Cornwell.
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    I am currently reading Bloody River Blues. I think his Lincoln Rhyme books are especially good.

    I have read most of the Patrica Cornwell books. Her main character is rather acerbic tho. Can't take too much of her w/o a breather.

    I think it's silly when P.C. has Scarpetta doing things like diving under water at a crime scene. Don't think real medical examiners do that.

    Also think it's kinda over done when she has 3 or 4 top medical and legal people get together, and they're all female.

    Ever read about her shoot-out w/ the FBI? It was in People magazine years ago. Read it at the dentist's office.

    Am having a bad week. Got 5 books at the library and didn't like 4 of them. One of them starts w/ an old snapshot from 1951 that shows a close-up of a ring. You couldn't take close-ups w/ the box cameras of the 50s. They were focused at 6 feet.

    Bad as the press-on nails one author used in a story set in the 40s.

    How 'bout dropping by the book club now and then. We can always use articulate readers. And you don't even have to read the book of the month.

  3. stick2013

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    I lurk on the book thread a lot, but so far haven't had the courage to post. Maybe someday I will. Thanks for the invite...

    Cornwells books are ok, but I will agree that sometimes her stuff is way to far fetched. Like when they all thought that her boyfriend had been killed in the underground, and in the next book he was alive and well living in the witness protection program or some such nonsense...

    I guess that's why they are in the fiction section!!!!! LOL!!!!!

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