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  1. achy

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    You are such a sweetie...I really don't know what we would do with out ya!

    I wanted to offer my sinus remedy. I swear by it...It really works.

    Get a quart bottle...wash it out wiht bleach if its not new.
    Fill it wiht water.
    Add 2 tsp canning salt - NOT table salt
    Add 1 heaping tsp of baking Soda
    Shake well.

    Get a sinus rinse bottle at wallmart..or local drug store.
    (It a small squirt bottle wiht a straw it it that attaches to the lid...)
    Gently squirt this stuff up one sinus and it will drain out the other..repeat other side.
    You can also put some solution in your CLEAN hand and gently sniff it into your nose, but the bottle works better.
    Do this 2 X a day. No it don't feel to great at first, but it gets better. My ENT SWORE I would need surgery...he is amazed how much better I am.

    Also, you mentioned grapefruit juice and vodka....I'll take the vodka straight please...You do know that grapefruit doesn't go wiht a lot of meds right??

    HM...Vodka and chocolate...YUM

    Warm fuzzies
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    A sweetie??? Gee, would my husband diagree with you!

    I have printed out what you said, and will go get one of those sinus squirt bottles and the canning salts as soon as I get out of here again!

    I bought one of those 'Neti' Nasal Cleansing Pots' but have not used it yet, still trying to figure it out!

    Yes, I know about the grapefruit, was only kidding, I can't digest grapefruit anymore. I used to (in my 'other' life love grapefruit) drank Negra vodka with grapefruit a loooooog time ago. I don't drink anything anymore, but it sure was a nice thought!(smile).

    Thanks for the infor, will try this as soon as I can get to a store.

    Shalom, Shirl