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    I'm wondering where you get your ascorbic acid....what company makes it? I'm looking at getting some, and some had the bioflavonoids with it. Is that OK, or is better to get them separately? Have a good day....Terri
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    I just left you a post on Fibrotarts thread!! It was some thoughts on the glutathione.

    Anyway, Ascorbic Acid is just straight vitamin C. It's cheap too. You can get it in powder form or capsule/tablet most anywhere. Just go to vit. c aisle and it should be there. I bought the Bioflavinoids separately because my doc preferred it that way.

    Any way you can get your son in an Infrared Sauna?? Do you have one in your area?? Maybe at a wellness center or spa?? I should get mine in the next few weeks, but I have to start out very slowly. It's supposed to get toxins (including mercury which is the hardest to get out) out of your body very quickly. My doc asked me to look into getting one and he's going to get one for himself. They are expensive though. My hubby got a bonus, but we should be paying bills, but instead we're getting this for the both of us. An investment in our health. What'd you think of the book??

    Hugs and LOL,

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    Have you gotten your FIR sauna yet? Unfortunately, we don't live in a big enough town for anyone to have one, nor can we afford it at this point. All I've heard of is someone offers foot hydrotherapy in her home for $25 a shot and we've never followed up on that...just do the baths at home.

    John is really foggy in the a.m., so I almost wonder if I could even get him to take something sublingually then. Would it be beneficial to take it later in the day? When he's awake? Sorry, I'm referring to the reduced glutathione.

    About the vit. C., I thought you had some ascorbic acid crystals- that's what seems harder to find. But if straight ol' vitamin C is all we need, that's not hard to find.

    Take care, Terri
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    Just make sure the Vit c says on the label "ascorbic acid" and nothing else.

    That is so scary that he is that "out of it". Hmmmm, I guess if you don't think you could put the tablets(Source Natural) under his tongue...I don't know, I don't want him to choke and that would be my only concern. If you can sit him up and place the 4 tablets under the tongue and maybe sit with him to make sure he's ok...that could work. You don't have to give him the honey until they are almost dissolved, then the raw unfiltered honey has to sit in his mouth for 5 to 10 min. Then do this again in the afternoon. It's worth a try. You be the best judge. If you think you have to wait later in the day, then do that. It'll work anytime, I just think he needs it in the morning. I see my doc tomorrow, I will see what he thinks. I think I know what he'll say....and that is to get him into a detox sauna right away. But let's wait and see. I'm also gonna ask him if you should call Dr. Queens directly. He's the scientist and all knowing guru. Are the bathes making a difference???


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    I'm afraid we haven't been too regular with them....we could be doing better. I'll get him in there today!
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    The detox bath protocol is 7 days on, 7 days off. You start out using baking soda and progress over the week to epsom salts. I will bump it for you. Please follow it exactly. It's very effective but must be done properly or it can make him worse. I follow it exactly and the only negative thing I've noticed is that sometimes I don't sleep well. Otherwise, I feel great. I probably wouldn't do the bathes unless he's doing the glutathione-honey protocol also. They go together.


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    I don't think he will have any trouble sleeping- he hasn't had trouble ever since he came down with CFIDS. His head hits the pillow and he's out in less than 5 minutes....sometimes 1 minute! Coma style sleeping! We are starting the baths and the honey-glutathione protocol....will let you know how the first week goes when we're a bit further into it. Thanks again! Terri
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    I hope it helps. I'll look for your posts.



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