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    hi, didnt remember that u started ldn too. i started beg. of july, mamadove inspired me to.
    maybe she isn't posting about it anymore cus it got weird for her too, or maybe its cus she is much better.
    I stayed on it til Decemberish sometime, I was on an extremely low dose, I think I postd about that, with my chem sensitivity it didnt take much to work and i didnt even have to tke it every day, it would last in my system. But then I re-irritated my neck to where the LDN couldnt cover the pain, and around that same time I had been getting less satisfied with the LDN for other reasons, I felt like it made me really spacey and stupidish at times, and I started to feel very bland and slightly bummed, it started to have a bad psychoactive effect for me, and then it freaked me out that even off of it for a couple weeks I couldnt take a darvon to deal with my neck pain because it was still somehow working in my system and blocking tht low grade pain killer from working. It concerned me that I didnt know the mechanism in which it made my brain work with endorphins and it seemed like my brain wasnt utilizing it in same way most people who use LDN continually do, I mean you are supposed to be able to stop taking LDN one day and have it out of yr system the next, that wasnt the case with me.
    I would still recommend it for people who have more general fibromyagia pain and fatigue and who arent so chemically sensitive to try, it did help with mimimizing pain for a number of months until I hurt my neck again and I have issues in cervical area that are beyond run of the mill (stenosis, djd, hypermobility), and after the initial insomnia effect I was actually sleeping better on it, I miss that part because not sleeping as long or deep now.
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    Thanks for the update!

    Sorry to hear that the LDN didn't work out for you. I have a lot to be thankful for, I guess.

    Hope you can find something that helps. Can they do a surg fix on your stenosis?


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