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    Is "Hey" "He" in Dutch? Ha Ha!

    I am reading a book about the adventures of two young American women who went
    West during WW I. But before they did that, and after they graduated from college,
    they visited Europe. (BTW, very few women went to college back then. There were
    only a handful of women's colleges. They went to Smith which is in Massachusetts,
    and was only about 40 years old when they graduated in 1910.)

    After stopping in England, their ship "turned up the Scheldt River at Flushing.
    A picture-book village appeared, with bright red gabled roofs. All of the Holland
    was just the same. Neat and regular; even the cows were spotless."

    In Antwerp at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts they admired the scenes by the
    Dutch masters. They visited the Gothic Church of St. Jacques and had an elegant
    and very expensive lobster dinner at the Hotel St. Antoine.

    I'm having a little trouble telling when they were in the Netherlands and when in
    Belgium. But maybe the Netherlands now includes former parts of Belgium?

    At any rate, the gals returned to America and went west to teach school in a
    village in Colorado. It took 5 days to travel by train from New York to Colorado.
    The village had 400 people and 20 businesses. These included 3 blacksmith shops
    but, hard to believe, not a single saloon.

    The granddaughter of one of these brave young ladies found a cache of old letters
    and reconstructed their adventures.

    Footnote: 2 or 3 centuries ago, one of my ancestors was a blacksmith. He lived
    in or around Onodaga County in New York. A neighboring village offered him free
    land if he would come and be their blacksmith. He accepted the offer.

    I think all of us have ancestors who were pioneers, or crusaders, or notable in some way. It's just that we may not know it. But maybe computers will change all that. If we don't blow ourselves up, maybe centuries from now the curious can get on line and read our old posts. Ha Ha!

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  2. sunflowergirl

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    the book sounds interesting. What is the title?
  3. Soul*

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    Rock that's quite a story. Back in the olden days Belgium and the Netherlands where together. That was long long ago though.
    Part of Belgium is Dutch speaking and the other part is French speaking.

    Spotless cows? Awww I love our zwart en rood bonte koeien.

    He in Dutch is Hij. Hey isn't Dutch. Hooi is, that is Dutch for Hay and Hoi is too, that is Dutch for Hi :p

    Now it's Dutch Souls bedtime, houdoe ;)
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    A very favorite book of mine on CD is Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland. It follows a painting that is supposedly by Johannes Vermeer, from present day, back thru the centuries to how each person owned it and how they came to lose or sell it. It's about 8 or 9 short stories connected by this painting. Kinda like The Red Violin which is another favorite movie of mine.
  5. rockgor

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    "zwart en rood bonte koeien." Black and red bountiful cows? Or is bonte like bonnie
    in Scotland?

    Just watered the top tier of Gordon's orchids. A job made more difficult by Zipper who
    insisted on wandering around despite my firm instructions to vamoose. Plus, the
    plants are protected by a mesh that is supported by steel poles anchored by concrete blocks.
    It all blew over a couple days ago. This is the 4th time this has happened in the last year or

    It doesn't take much of a wind to topple the silly thing. I told Gordon don't expect this old
    man with a bad back to help you. You can get your hulking brother to shove stuff around.
    His brother is 20 years younger and built like a refrigerator. He can use those muscles for
    something other than lifting weights at the gym. Ha ha!

    Hi in Norwegian is "Hei" and "Ha det bra" means have it good.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, SG

    Sorry. Didn't see your posts until now. The book's title is "Nothing Daunted" and the author
    is Dorothy Wickenden. Haven't gotten too far yet. There is a lot of info in the back on
    sources, plus a bibliography and photos. The desks the schoolkids used a century ago look
    just like the ones my class had in the 1940s. The kind that had iron filigree and were
    mounted on on wooden rails so you could only move a row of desks; not an individual one.

    I read another biography about a teacher recently. The first schools she taught in didn't have
    blackboards or electric lights. If I think of the name of that book, I'll let you know. The
    author was also the granddaughter of the heroine.

    Also read a book a couple years ago about a school in the East that trained teachers to go
    West. There were a lot of letters from the teachers about the ups and downs of their

    The books you mention remind me of the 60s movie "The Yellow Rolls Royce". It had
    3 or 4 owners and lots of stars from the period. Ever see that?

  7. Mikie

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    Rock, which village in CO?

    Some of the smaller countries and areas in Europe have been claimed and passed back and forth between the larger powers and they have lost some of their original identity and do speak different languages within the same country. Of course, some of the countries in Europe are small by comparison to the U.S. and it would be as though we spoke different languages in each state. The couple downstairs use to live in Europe. He is English and she is French. We have some interesting conversations due to vocabulary differences. He had never heard of a pocketbook. Come to think of it, that's a strange word.

    Just read that the happiest people in the world reside in the Netherlands. Whoda thunk it.

    Love, Mikie
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Mikie

    Well, I wooden ah thought it. Ha Ha! Actually I've read that places like Holland,
    Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries are pretty happy and prosperous. Why
    not? They are not constantly at war with trillion dollar deficits and millions of
    illegal aliens and jobs that have somehow migrated.

    The town was Hayden, apparently near Elkhead and Dry Fork. Hayden was in Routt
    County and named after the "world famous geologist who surveyed Yellowstone in
    1871, Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden".

    Yes, pocketbook is a bit strange. Ambiguous too. It's a purse. Unless it's a paperback
    book that costs a quarter. Well, that's what they cost when I was young.

    "Quarter" is kinda ambiguous too. Could be a coin, a horse, a percentage, or shelter
    as in head quarters or "show no quarter".

  9. Soul*

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    There where rats, rats big as alley cats in the stores, in the stores. There where rats, rats big as bloomin cats in the quartermasters stores!!!
    My eyes are dim I can not see
    I have not brought my specs with me
    I have nohot brought myhy specs with me
  10. sunflowergirl

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    I was watching the British version of Antiques Roadshow the other night and some man got an outstanding value on his painting......he said, "well, I'll be God smacked". I've never heard that term before.
  11. Soul*

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    Gobsmacked :p

    When I went to London for the first time they had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for a vacuum cleaner. I had no clue what other word to use to explain what I meant :confused:

    They called it a hover.