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    Vacuum tubes. Replaced by transistor. Replaced by computer chips.

    Thank you for your post re: paragraphing. If you remember vacuum tubes you must be old enuff to remember the Barrymoors.

    Are you using the computer for you research? My aunt did a lot of research on the family. She went to old graveyards and did rubbings of stones. She wrote to county historical societies.

    She said some of them would send her 8x10 glossies and not charge her a thing. Others wanted a fee before they would even answer a letter.

    She found out a lot of stuff I thought was fascinating. Like the blacksmith who was offered free land if he would move to a village in New York that needed a smith. And one of our ancestors was a witness for the defense in a Salem with trial in 1792.

    For some reason most people in the family were not very interested at all. If I ever get a little more energy I'm going to the downtown Los Angeles library and read a book on the family that was put together in around 1905.

    Hope you're having a good day.

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    but found you on page 2 thought you could use a bump
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    Reminds me of bumper cars.

    I bet we have lots of folks here who loved them when a kid and would now find it torture to ride in one.
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    I remember lots....not too much fibro fog there!
    Movies: Saw the original Wizard of Oz and also the Mummy and many others. I remember Lash LaRue in westerns. 5 cent comic books, later became 7 cents and then 10 cents. Mother would give my brother and I each a dollar for the comics.

    No TV or such, so with classic books, fairy tales and comics I read early. The school allowed me to go to the first grade at age 5, because I wanted to go so much.

    WW2, ration stamps, Dad in Navy, Mom in a factory. We lived at our maternal grandparents. One day Mom came home crying, she had stopped at a five and dime and a clerk had found a couple metal cars in cleaning and she let my mother buy them. At that time toys were pressed saw dust. She was so tickled to give these to my brother. I could go on and on.

    Genealogy......I had no clue how. I also did not know the computer and I still am not real literate with same. But once that I convinced myself that I would not blow it up by pressing a wrong button......I was on my way. I would use some common sense and click on to things. Once I discovered search engines.......WOW.

    I have been VERY successful with family lines. I am not backward and I have an imagination. That is my two top cards. I have called myself a armchair researcher as I have not been able to search physically. I have been to a few grave yards and such. People share, most so graciously and I do the same. That is what life is about.

    I have uncovered a couple of things that I held my breath on when presented to family.....but they did not dishonor me or toss me out. LOL. Also many things from the past to be proud of. I also searched and searched on info that did not feel right to me and was able to change what others had held as truth for many yrs. I am good in my own way. But needed everyone else also.

    Black Smith? I had one branch that was recruited from Germany to come to America in the 1700s to start up steel foundrys, their trade. Some went to New Jersey and a couple of times a yr. a Catholic Priest, from PA... would ride is donkey to see them. They would say it was their Dr. coming. It was against the law to practice Catholism in that state then!
    He would arrive and give mass and marry some and baptize babies and so forth.

    I have Christopher Gist (google him), Betsy Ross and others that are in my line. Royalty also. But I bet we all do if we really search our lines.

    Search too much and we will find we all descend from Adam and Eve......LOL.

    So "cousin", I will stop as I must of talked your eyes off!

    Keep the smiles a coming....I enjoy them.........Susan

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    Are you still doing the TV static thing? I might give that a try.

    I have got to be real good at sitting and staring.....

    Does it hurt if you lie on the couch instead of sitting, I am even better at that!

    My son wants me to change clock and pictures in my TV room sideways....so I can see them better when I am lying down. Bless him, always thinking of his mothers comforts.

    We have a real weird sense of humor in this family. With my fibrofog and mixing up of words my DH says he keeps me around for grin and giggles.

    We are both lucky to have someone special in our lifes. That helps. The humor does also.

    Blessings..........Love, Susan
    Go to http://www.higginsonbooks.com/ They reprint olf family books and such. They have been wonderful to deal with.
    I have purchased for myself and also gifts for my brother to have for his family. Maybe you will find your line/[This Message was Edited on 08/03/2006]
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    I was just gonna ask Rockgor the same thing----are you still staring at your TV static? Would love to hear an update!

    I don't know if I want to search my family tree. . . there are probably too many nuts . . . as I was told my family's coat of arms tied in the back.

    Anyway, I haven't yet found myself... first things first!


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    Re; the tv treatment I do it lying down. See my update on the original post. It's on the following page.

    Thanks for the info. re the geneology books. The site has two books on my family. Was going to buy the one I don't have but I got frustrated w/ the computer nonsense you have to go thru to buy anything on line.

    I get the feeling a lot of the vendors don't really want to make a sale they make the process so time-consuming and difficult.

    "You can't buy our product 'cause you didn't tell us what country you are in." Honey, if you can't figure out where Los Angeles, California is, I don't need to do business with you.

    (Haven't had my Effexor yet today. I am extra crabby w/o my pills.)

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    I called them each time because I used credit card and did not want to over the net. Had no problems.

    Take care..........Susan