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    I found this post of yours:

    Iowanmom - Disabilty......have it or don't 03/30/07 02:50 PM
    Have it - I am 55 left work last August and was approved in January.
    Filed on: fibromyalgia, arthralgia and fatigue.
    Learning from others on here (since I had a sedentary job) I listed each movement I made at work and how my illness affected doing those things.
    Hope it works out for you.

    WOW ... you got it that fast?

    Did you use an attorney or service (like Allsup) from the git-go or do it all yourself?

    What state are you in?

    Did you go on STD, LTD?

    I am in Ohio and have enough SS work credits. I have FMS, arthralgia, fatigue and depression ... just to name a few. Will I list these in order of importance? I also have sleep apnea, IBS, IC ... and more.

    Thanks so much, Engel

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