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    Could you please post the doctors individual reputations that you mentioned in your response to Ace? I would love to hear it! Hey, it might help some of make sense of the doc visits we've had ... or will have in the future. :) Thanks!!
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    The doctors I mentioned had a reputation for being arrogant and rude towards their patients. It's really not practical to go into each one individually - even if I try I will just vent, vent, vent. Im still angry because of the mess they left me in.

    Two were not considered very apt by their medical colleagues but you would never believe that if you listened to their insistences that they were the doctors, trying to demonstrate how clever they were (and failing), insisting they knew best. I'm sure you've heard it all before.

    I even had one of these less competent docs tell me only he and god knew the answers. He was a nasty piece of work; terrified female members of staff, lied, would charge into the ward screaming at me +++. Oh, and just to add icing to the cake, he had an alcohol abuse problem.

    I now have an early warning system in my brain. I can pick up the wrong attitude within minutes, regardless of how they might first seem.

    My problems started and then were made worse by medical "blunders"! and this just seems to bring out the worst in some docs. I'm now beginning to unravel some of the consequences of this so soon I'll need to start the whole scenario again but hopefully from a more informed perspective.

    If I find a failsafe method of then choosing the right specialist I'll let everyone know, needless to say I have not sussed that yet.