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    Hello Girls

    Thought i would say hello to you.

    Terri: How are things going since you came back? I'd say is was hard to leave you grand-babies. How are they doing i know it's warm there now. I saw it's been in the 50s in Prudhoe Bay. I know it's warmer in Fairbanks. I go to the Arctic Cam & check the weather. My son goes back July the 2nd. If he can make the arragements he's going to Africa when he comes back the next time. If he gets everything set up he & his pastor are going there to minister. How is the rest of your family doing? I guess your twins are enjoying the summer. How's your older son doing now? Is he still working? My grandkids are staying busy they have been having Bible School they love that.

    Linda: Are you back from your trip? I hope you had a good time. MY husband has been so busy lately. They have making eqiptment for a buyer from the UK he lives 6hrs from London. He's been here since the first of May he left today. He went back & brought his wife here for about 2wks. I guess they mine coal in the UK to. That's the kind of equiptment my husband brother business makes. We've had no plans. Sometimes we feel to old to travel very far. The weather here has been cool & then it gets really hot. We've not had much rain it's been dry. Oh how is your Mom doing? Has the shots helped her? The one my rhumey gave me in my foot has really helped & the Lyrica helps me with pain so far so good.

    Send me a hello hello when you can.

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    Yes, Shirley, it was hard to leave our daughter, son in law and the two beautiful granddaughters. We all shed tears at the airport, but I have to remind myself that our daughter is really happy and she loves living in AK, so we can be happy for her. Maybe someday they'll move closer, but we have to keep on the best we can, with God's help.

    Linda, we miss hearing from you. I hope you are all right....please, drop a note sometime. I pray all is well with you and your hubby.

    We planted a strawberry bed yesterday....hope to get a few berries out of it this year, and more next. But I think I'll have to get a net for the birds!

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    Linda- I'm relieved to see you back. Yesterday I read about a chopper that crashed in Arizona, and I started to wonder if it was you.....glad you are OK. I'm sorry to hear about the ankle problems....makes it hard to walk, I imagine.

    I only have one piano student so far this summer, but I'm enjoying all the time I have. Yesterday I did some good housecleaning, but there's more to do. Hubby and I are exercising to lose weight.....and I'm not baking the goodies like I used to. That's the hardest part, because I love to bake. Guess I'll eat strawberries and cherries, without the sugar!

    Shirley- how is your heat? Our weather has been pretty hot, but I can't complain because Linda is always the hottest. Alaska is nice in the summer.....I just had a friend get back from an Alaskan cruise with her husband. She loved it up there and wants to go back sometime. I do miss my little family up there a lot.

    Have a good day,
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    Third time is a charm.

    This is the third time i've started a post to you. The first time i lost it on my labtop. Then i was on my desktop & hit the wrong key & lost it. So i'm trying it again. Hope you both a good 4th today. My hubby & i went to a festival in our town our oldest sang. He & his finace haven't set a date yet.

    Linda sorry to hear about your knees & ankles hurting. I know where you comming from. The Lyrica has helped my pain. Hope your mom stays well. My sister is doing good she just gets gets depresed sometimes she always worked & was used to going to the beauty shop & gorocery shopping now she is no longer able to do these things for herself.

    Terri my son has just went back to AK. I know the weather is probable the best right now It's in the plus 50s thats better than -50s. We went down & went to church with them Sunday afterwards they had a baptizing 15 people. The weather here has been real nice not a lot of rain but there is very low humity. My hubby has a garden he has planted green beans,corn,tomatoes,cumbers,peppers. I don't know what else.He loves to hae a garden. Here in the country we have strawberry & blackberries on the vines. I used to can but my hands are so bad now. If things keep going up i may have to do it again.

    Linda i know with 113 degree temps it has to be hot & with the fires i know it's had to breath. How by now the fires are contained & the temmps. are not so high. Here in the Mts. this yrs whe has been blessed it's been cool here usually by this time way up in the 90s but ut's been a cool spring & summer. We will probably pay later down the road.

    How much is gas in your areas?

    Good 4th of July & many Blessings~~~~~Shirley
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    We have a little truck that we bought from a friend and it gets better mileage than our bigger cars.....so you can guess which one we're driving now. Only to fit even three people in it is very uncomfortable....one has to turn a bit sideways so the driver can shift! I think we look like clowns in a clown car when we have 3 riding!

    Shirley- Wish I could help you do some canning. I love to do it- I'm crazy, I know. Yesterday I had lots of bing cherries (we got to pick at a friend's orchard) so I made freezer pie filling. It took quite awhile to pit 8 cups of cherries, and your hands don't look very pretty when you are done! Our tomatoes are setting fruit now but not ripe yet. We have lots of basil, so I've been freezing pesto.

    Linda- We also avoided the crowds on the 4th. Hubby and I stayed home and watched some from the porch....the kids went to town and joined the throngs. I didn't even wait up for them, so I don't know when they got home. They are good kids, though, so I know they were fine.

    Hubby is out of town this week and the twins are heading to Scout camp tomorrow.....I will be lonesome. You'll probably get tired of me writing all the time!

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    My hands are still cherry-stained.....maybe I'll try some diluted bleach. That has worked in the past.

    Next Friday I'll be blueberry picking with two friends, so my hands will be black again! Last year we "accidentally" picked 45 pounds....it was so easy and fun picking that we got more than we really needed. So I'll pick alone for our family and I won't get so many as last year!

    I just saw the twins off for their exciting, fun-filled week at Scout camp! They were really excited and were deciding which vehicle to ride in, which friend to sit by, etc., etc.

    Please say a prayer for my mother in law.....she is in the hospital with an intestinal blockage.

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    Terri how's your week going without the twins? I hope your mother-in-law is doing a lot better. My son called last night & said it's really nice up ther right now. He said work was sort of slow. So i guess we know why our gas is so high the companys are not in no big hurry. Haven't gotton anything from garden yet but everything was late getting put out because of the weather. Oh by the way regular gas has gotton to $4.08. I trying to stay home as much as possible. I live across the road from Wal Mart,gas stations(3),banks(4),hotels(2),motels(2),3 car dealer ships, Wendy's, McDonalds & about a mile from Food City a big grocery store in our area. So i don't have to go to town much. Everything is here where i live.

    Linda are you doing better? Are you having to stay in because of the heat? Our weather is so unsual this year very cold later & we go from hot to cool again. We are getting some now which we really need. Places either get to much or not enough.

    Hope you both are having a good day today. I have a roast in the oven & i'm trying to chill out today.

    Until later: Blessings~~~~~Shirley
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    Yes, my MIL is still in the hospital. She had us scared yesterday because her pancreatic levels (enzymes) were up and they were concerned....I think they were thinking cancer. But today her levels are back down to normal. They have put off doing any surgery on her gallstones.....I think I mentioned that my hubby's father passed away soon after gallbladder surgery.....so we've been nervous about doing that. Yes, it is hard being so far away. Hubby has a first cousin who is a nurse who has sort of adopted Mother, so she is helpful in so many ways. We thank God for her.

    I haven't heard any news from the twins, so I think no news is good news. I'm sure they are having a blast.

    Shirley- sometimes I wish I had a Walmart across the road from me, but I think it could make for a lot of traffic.....do you get a lot where you are?

    Linda- have a wonderful BBQ this weekend with your family. What are you baking? I will save some blueberries for you....LOL.

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    She didn't have surgery, although I think it will happen in the not too distant future (for gallstones).

    The twins made it home, safe and dirty. They were at Scout camp and had a great time.....not changing clothes much, swimming in the lake, etc. They were glad to have REAL food last night- guess it wasn't too good at camp.

    Linda- how did your family BBQ go? I hope everyone had a good time.

    Shirley- what is in your garden this year? My tomatoes are really slow setting fruit, so I'll have to whack the plants again.

    Take care,
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    Well Girls here i go. Had a computer problem. Had to take it to the computer Dr as i call it. I had put windows vista on last yr when it came out. All of at once it failed when it tried to download updated. So they had to put a new hard drive in so i'm back on line with my desktop. I still have my labtop it came with windows vista. Enough of that.

    Terri i'm glad your boys had a good time at camp & your MIL is getting better.

    Linda the weather here has been great cool at night & warm in the day it's not been humid. Down in the 50s at night & 70s & 80s during the day.

    Don't have anything out of garden yet. We have green beans,corn,tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers,& some weeds(ha,ha). My husband does all that he was late putting things out because it stayed so cold here. We nee some rain right now.
    Grand-daughter comming Sat i guess she may stay a wk not sure yet. My daughter-in-law goes back to work Aug 4th & the kids go back Aug the 7th this is the state of Ky. I think thats just to early they got out June 6.

    Well Girls until later~~~~~Blessings~~~~Shirley
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    Shirley- I think the kids would be upset about having to go back to school so early in August- and they only had about an 8 week summer. That's what I like about home school- I can decide when we'll start. We wait until after the fair!

    Linda- Are you adjusting to your son being 25 miles away? How is his chronic fatigue? Does he have a lot of mercury in his mouth? We felt that having our son's fillings replaced was a big part in his recovery. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I thought I'd toss that idea out to you.

    Hubby needs the computer....
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    Good to hear both familys are doing well.

    I had my grand-daughter from Saturday until yesterday(Tuesday). Her mom brought her half way between & i met her & got her. She was fine for a few days & got home-sick Monday night---there is nothing like being home-sick. I promised her i would take her home so i took her yesterday--it's a 2hr drive at the best for me one way. I took her & stayed about an hour & came back home. We hit a terrible storm in Ky just before we got there. He mom couldn't come get her she was working at the church this wk. Her dad is comming home Friday.

    Terri it's nice you can home school your boys. My daughter-in-law says it's hard for the good children in school now. My grand-children are teased because they go to church. By working at the school my daughter-in-law see's a lot of things. They have put a lot of new rules in their school now--but sometimes they don't help if parents don't help.

    Linda sorry the weather is giving you a hard time. I can do good if i can rest. My grand-daughter keeps me hopping when she comes home. She doesn't realize her Nan is almost 65 now she thinks i'm young---wish i was. I get to see my son & finace about once a wk to.

    Got to go for tonight went to church & it's late.

    Until next time~~~~Blessings~~~~Shirley
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    Hello Girls

    Have the Monday Blues as they used to say. Doing laundry & bedding & sort of watching a little TV. How is things in your states it's 89 here today i've stayed in all day. Went to church yesterday then tried to rest. I spend a lot of time talking to family on the phone. If i don't call them they call me. We stayed more in touch--especially--my 2 sisters & me. My neice always calls a couple time a days no matter where she is. She can talked to me when she can't talked to anyone else(she has only brothers). She is doing good after her Chemo in June. MY husband picked beans Friday i don't can anymore because of my hands he strings what we fix & he gives the others away to family & friends. We also have cucumbers--tomatoes are comming soon. How are things going--as we say in Va--in your neck of the woods? Today is July 28 oh i don't want to think fall is comming. Give me a hello across the miles when possible.

    Hope all is well~~~~Blessings~~~~Shirley
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    My daughter says that in Alaska, it has been cool, so that her husband is thinking of doing his preparations for winter already. I'm with you, Shirley- I don't want to think about fall yet!

    I was having trouble with my zucchini getting fruit, so a friend showed me how to pollinate them, in case the bees weren't doing their job. Suddenly I have at least a half dozen zucchinis on one plant! So it worked.

    My tomatoes are coming on and slowly starting to ripen....we had a cool spring, so things are behind. My pansies are hanging in there, but the heat kinda gets to them. I have them in pots, so I have to water daily, or else they'd be "a-goner".

    Could you both say a prayer for my MIL? She will be undergoing a mastectomy on Wednesday....remember, she is 87. This tumor was found recently by a caregiver, so my hubby flew out to be with her. He's staying for a couple of weeks to help out. She is overwhelmed by all that's happened recently (gall bladder attack a few weeks ago....now that surgery is postponed) and I wish she would have moved out here so we could be more of a help to her. But she wanted to stay in her familiar state (Iowa) where she has lived all of her life. I guess it would be hard to move.

    My folks are doing OK, I guess. My dad has a new Jazzy scooter which he uses to go outside and pick up the mail....he really enjoys getting outside more now. Mom is busy just taking care of him.

    Well, time to get some work done....take care and stay cool!
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    I stop by to say hello it's trying to rain here don't think it's suppose to do much. Been doing laundry next of course is to cook supper--my husband is country born & bread--he likes country food. Hope your family all are well. I know the weather is changing in Alaska. My son is home but only talked to him once since he came home. They are building a new youth center at their church--when he's home he always help if there is something to do at church. How is you MIL doing is your husband still gone? My parents are gone now my husband still has his dad. We live on about 10 mins from him. My parents lived an hour away before they passed away--i still have 2 sister living there.

    Linda hope you chime in & let us know if you're ok. I'm sure it's hot there. We are in the high 80s by next suppose to be in the 90s with no rain. I guess Aug. will be our hotest month. Give us a hello.

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