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    Ok.. the other post was getting a bit long!!
    Hope Mom got there safely!
    I've gotta laugh at the thought of Dave and his Jalapeno's.. that is Sooooo Joe.. His momma grows these tiny little red chiles that Joe can't eat without crying.. So Micaela and I will say.. Why are you eating them??
    Uhhh... because I'm a Mexican!! lol! What a dork.. Now if I tried those I'd probably wind up in emergency room!
    I'm off till Wednesday!!! WOOOOOO!! Joe is even off tomorrow! We are heading to Fresno early to try and catch some yard sales.. oh what an exciting life I live!lol!
    Well.. tonight is the big local prom.. the theme is year of the dragon.. my ballroom looks like an upscale Chinese restaurant.. so I have to go join my crew.. love the prom.. we can pretend were Joan Rivers and critique the dresses as they come in on the red carpet!!
    Ok.. Off to baby sit the prom with me..
    love ya!
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    Yep I think we had a record with the old thread.... Not much new here. Had a crash and burn day yesterday. In bed all day with a migraine, I hate wasted days but I feel better today. Mama is on the TM, I'm next. We're heading to the farm store today for garden seed. When Dave gets up this afternoon we're going to plant five more pounds of onions, green beans, cucumbers,zuchinni,radishes and maybe my zinnia seeds if I'm not dead by then. Can't wait for dinner tonight, mama is making vidalia onion pie to go with our steaks... I love that stuff... yum yum

    Tj and Matthew stayed and went to Church with us Sunday, that sure made mama happy. Of course our weather cooled down the minute she got off the plane. She was an hour late getting in too but I knew that before I left home from flight tracker.

    How'd the prom go? Did I tell you that Kris and Whitney broke up a few weeks ago? Had to cancel the tux? Luckily I got all but $25 back... I knew they wouldn't work out with her being a senior and him a sophmore even though only a little over a year age difference.

    OMG Donna you will not believe what happened to that boy at work on Saturday! He waited on this lady and it took a while while he told her all the best deals and warranties yada yada yada and finally sold her a Martin... anyway when it was time to ring it all up she said Kris on behalf of my brother Jay Stevens I would like to present this Martin guitar to you.... !!!!!!!! Jay was a young man in a band that died in a car crash two years ago that I knew vaguely. Anyway, his sister had been looking for someone to award a guitar to in his name and she was so impressed with Kris when she met him one day in January that she decided it would be him. Kris's boss, Dick, was in on the whole thing.. they whipped out cameras and all. Kris just about cried... I wish to God I could have been there Donna. I am so hoping they write up something for the local paper because the paper did a huge article when Jay died. I'm tellin ya girl the Lord has been so good to that boy....

    Ok I gotta get my butt in gear, I'll check in later in the week and I'm so glad you finally got some time off!

    Love ya...
  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    That is TOOOO Cool!! Good for Kris!! He deserves good things!! what an honor too.
    Ya know my father has never played anything but a Martin for the last 45 years.. He swears they are the best.. Too cool..
    You know I'm waiting for Micaela to dump her new boy too. He is less than a year younger than her but he is a freshman and she will be graduating next year as a Junior.. She is too old for him.. He is a nice boy but I know my daughter.. she is going to break that young mans heart!
    Micaela is at Helens for the week.. they are going to go see the Pussycat dolls and Black-eyed Peas in Oakland on Friday night.. Her step sisters are going and 3 of her nieces.. girls night out as a late birthday celebration for Micaela.. The lead singer from the Pussycat dolls is related to Helen's in-laws so they may get back stage..
    Needless to say it is very calm at home this week..
    Ok.. what is onion pie?? Yuck!! Hope it's better than it sounds!
    Just came back after 3 days off today.. had a wonderful time.. Joe and I went to an auction on Sunday. He had never been before.. it was so much fun! He spent close to 200 on tools.. (he resells them to the mechanics at work).. He has already made $230 back today and still has like 5 boxes of wrenches and sockets to sale..
    Anywayz.. it was fun.. I bought 2 HUGE boxes of Ribbon bolts for $30 bucks.. Got enough gold ribbon to do our invitations, favors, centerpieces, bouquets and bouteneers.. with about 30 rolls left over.. Still have probably a good 800 rolls of ribbon.. I sent some to Helen for her brownies troop.. some to Joe's Mom.. some to the girls at work for their daughters hair.. I was more excited over this stupid ribbon than Joe was over the tools!!
    Hope you are feeling better..
    love ya!
  4. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Mama is runnin my buns off waaaaaaaa. It's raining today and boy do I feel it. Got all the garden seed in Wed. afternoon and that didn't help the muscles either.

    Anyway, onion pie sounds awful but tastes like heaven if you like sweet onions. We use vidalias. You saute them in butter the mix them with sour cream and a little hot sauce and pour in a pie shell and sprinkle with parmesaen (sp) cheese and bake. Slice like a pie and it goes great with steak.

    Nice quiet week for you. Kris has been working late every night at the flower shop, this is their week from you know where with Mother's day on Sunday. He's startin to drag butt too...lol Tj was teasing him last night when I asked him what this gold stuff was on his jeans and he said it was lily dust and Tj says what? fairy dust? lol lol Those two are awful.

    Sounds like you now have Joe hooked on auctions! You got a great deal girl now who is going to help you make them all up? I haven't got a clue how to make anything like that, heck I can't even tie a fancy bow....waaaaaaa but then again I'm not the wedding planner either!

    Well the TM just shut down so I guess it's my turn... sigh. Have a good day Donna. Hey, how's Ali?

    Love Ya!
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    Boy.. we would love a little of your rain today!! It's 97 degrees and I have an outdoor wedding going on.. Ugghh.. I'm sweaty!! I came in to cool down for a few minutes..

    Actually.. the onion pie sounds like something Joe would be crazy about..

    I'm in Mother's day hell.. We have the wedding today.. Tomorrow we have another wedding for 200 ppl.. till midnight.. my set up crew is coming in at 1:00 am to clean and reset for the mothers day buffet.. I have close to 800 reservations and growing just for the buffet! We will serve complex wide over 3000 entrees Sunday.. Ughh... At least Micaela will be working with me..

    The only reason I know flowers and that Tona is my Mom was a florist.. or at least thats how she made her money.. she was an artist, a seamstress.. you name it.. she could make anything.. I learned enough from her to get me through..

    I'm sure Kris is working his butt off this weekend.. Mother's day is up there with Valentines in the floral business!!
    Well I guess I better get back out and check on my bride.. She was so cute.. She was crying so hard I thought she was going to hyperventalate before I got her down the isle.. then she got the giggles and giggled all the way through the ceremony!

    Hope Mom's not driving you crazy...

    Love ya!

  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    to tell you happy Mother's Day, even though I know you'll be working your butt off. We are staying home. I wouldn't be caught dead in those crowds of folks going out to eat, no way no how!

    Hope you have Monday off... maybe Tuesday too???????

    Love ya!
  7. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Mother's day was exhausting.. hope you and Mom had a nice day.. Micaela and I were both sick and working like dogs.. I was having dizzy spells and a horrible headache.. Micaela was running a fever.. Micaela's fever went up to 102.9 Sunday night.. took her in Monday morning and she has strep.. Don't know what is causing my headaches.. the doc put me on something for dizzyness, fioricet for the headaches and said to come back in a week.. My blood pressure was 160 over 90 which is just not right for me.. I'm ALWAYS 120 over 80 so don't know if that has something to do with it or not.. He kept me off work Monday and Tuesday.. (my day off anyway!).. I'm back in today with a raging headache.. trying to play catch up..
    Just got back from playing an "extra" in a promotional DVD we are filming.. We had to pretend to be rooting for race horses on the big screen in the lounge.. Funny.. we are sitting there with half empty beers and have eaten nacho's.. holding up the glasses pretending we are drinking etc... clapping.. pounding the table etc... hard to pull off first thing in the morning!! Hope you are doing good.. I'll check in later if I can get caught up..
    Love ya!
  8. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    How are you feeling? You just plain old don't get enough time to take any care of yourself. I take maxalt for my migraines and take one even when I feel a headache coming on. Have you ever been on midrin? I used to be on it a long time ago, it's an older med. I think you need something to ward them off ALL the time.

    An xtra in a movie huh? I'd pay money to see that girl! We have been miserable here. We are like number nine in days of rain and cold. It's horrible. Maybe by Sunday we will see some sunshine. It's been lousy since the second day mom got here.

    Matthew and Tj come for the week-end tomorrow so it'll be a full house. I'll be pooped but count down week will be next week. Mom leaves Saturday the 27th but that week=end Dave is on shutdown for the holiday so I'll be tripping over him... sigh. He knows he better stay out of my way because I'll be down and out for a couple of days.

    Mama and I are heading to the wallpaper outlet store today trying to get ideas for my kitchen. Looks rather yucky after 14 years..lol We'd like to paper it when she's home for birthdays in August.

    TM just shut down so I guess it's my sorry turn, sigh, sure hope you're feeling better today Donna, wish I could grant you a month long vacation.......PAID

    Love Ya !!
  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I would take it gladly!! I need a real vacation.. The only time I've been off for over 3 days in a row here in 8 years was when I was in the hosp. for a colitis attack!
    Glad the kids are coming.. It will be nice for your mom to have time with them too.. You will be ready for a good rest by the time they all leave.. I'm running on empty... had to take Micaela to Hanford to her charter school at 6am in order for me to get to work on time.. have to pick her up after as well.. looks like she is going to have to go into the learning center everyday till the end of the school year because she can't do her math without help and she has finished all of her other subjects.. Just checking in real quick.. both of my girls are out today so I'm jumping phone to phone.. love ya
  10. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Are you feeling any better? Have things calmed down any? Michaela get the strep under control?

    We finally have some sunshine today, ten straight days of rain! Mom is froze half to death and so am I. I still have the furnace on at night. I think it has finally moved on out of here.

    I have survived two weeks of moms visit but have been off the TM for two days now. My muscles are in lockdown...lol. We've been running the stores looking for wallpaper for the kitchen still and looking for flooring for the kitchen too. Today there is a Celtic fest downtown so we're going to go check that out and stop in and see Kris at work. Tj and Matthew are here for the week-end so Kris is fixing us his famous hot wings for dinner. Oh boy what a mess that is to clean up......

    I suppose you have weddings this week-end? Are all the proms over? Our last one around here was last week-end. Jeez school will be out soon, I think Kris gets out June 2nd.

    Ok, gotta get in gear, boy how I'd like to crawl back in bed for a day... bet you'd like that too. How's Joe holding up these days with his arthur-itis? I'll check back in next week one day girly...

    Love ya!!
  11. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just sayin hi and hope you're ok......

    love ya girly!
  12. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Still down with these headaches.. I was off Mon and Tues.. Got imitrex (sp?) injections Monday.. and he sent me home with more.. supposed to reduce cerebrem inflamation.. (migraines).. all it did though was make me sleep.. I went to bed as soon as we got back from the docs at 2;30 and slept through to Tues morning.. took ONE dose yeserday and it knocked me out again.. I still have the headache, but I'm groggy as heck to boot.. Micaela is doing fine now.. Joe got his blood work back and his triglicerites have dropped from over 500 to 156!! Yeah! But... his blood sugar is still high (pre-diabetic) so we are going on a south-beach - Atkins type of diet.. The doc said to get him off of all carbohydrates.. He is already jonesing for a burrito!

    I'm way behind.. had 200 some odd e-mails waiting for me.. still haven't cleared my voice mails but wanted to check in real quick... glad your finally getting some sunshine.. don't overdo it with mom!!
    Love ya!
  13. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Glad to hear from you but sorry to hear you're still sufferin from those headaches. Dave and I did the adkins diet for months. Kris did it too when he was here at home, didn't have a choice...lol. Everyone gets used to it after a while. BUT ever now and then ya got to cheat. We used to pick a cheat night about every ten days and have a pizza. That was what we missed the most. You've been wanting a way to lose weight for the wedding so I guess it just got dumped in your lap girlfriend, be careful what ya wish for!!

    Got the wall paper and new curtains bought. We'll do that in August. Have the flooring picked out with a sample on the way in the mail. When I get it I'm heading to the stores around here to try to get cheaper prices on it. Then I need to find the money fairy so I can have it put down before mom gets home in August. I need to have the floor done before we paper the kitchen....

    I am I tied up muscle mess. Only one day of doing nothing since the queen arrived. Now Dave will be on shutdown for several days after mom leaves Saturday and we have two graduation parties this week-end so I still won't get any down time.... no rest for the wicked !

    Well I best be gettin in gear, sure wish I could help you feel better, headaches are awful to deal with on a daily basis. Hope it's a little better today.

    Love ya
  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    whats the theme with the wall-paper, flooring etc.. anything exciting?? I don't envy you a bit. When we re-painted the house last year it seemed like it was trashed for a month.. this atkins thing is not going to be fun with Joe.. He is already trying to convince me that corn tortillas are better for you than flour so he can have those right?? ... uh,.,., No.
    We bar-b-qued enough to last a few days last night.. chicken, steaks, grilled veggies.. so tonight I can just reheat and not sweat cooking..
    I remember when you were on some diet when I first came to the board.. was it the candida diet?? I just remember there was no pizza involved! lol!
    I already blew it today anyway.. It's only me and Beki in the office today so we said heck with it and took a run to the border for taco salads.. the salad part is just to pretend we were eating healthy.. we all know there is just as many calories.. (or carbs) as a burritto supreme in that salad if not more!
    I know what you mean with the graduations.. Joe's son graduates the 9th. We also have a few others to attend for Micaelas friends..
    Micaela was supposed to be out of school the 8th but they are letting her stay in through June 30th. She will have her own tutor for math for 2 hours a day and she just started her senior economics and govt. so she has a little over a month to complete them. I'm setting up a meeting next week with a carreer counselor and Micaela is going to try to take American Sign Language and Early childhood intervention at the community college this summer. They will count for double high school credit so next year she will only need to take one language arts, consumer math and her electives to graduate. She may be able to graduate by January!! Pretty good for a kid that was getting suspended in public school!
    ANyways.. I have a meeting in 20 minutes that I am in no way shape or form ready for.. Talk to ya soon!!
    Love ya
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    tonakay New Member

    I can't believe how good Micheala is doing... all that worrying you were doing and boom she does a 360 on you! These kids will be the death of us yet. Kris was going to have Tuesday and Thursdays off but took a job at the school mowing on those days so now he has three jobs and will be working six days a week... think he's trying to get away from em???? LOL

    No theme on the kitchen, just all looks like crap after 14 years.

    Actually Donna there are low carb flour tortillas and low carb taco shells too. We used to buy both. We used the heck out of the flour ones, wish I remembered the brand name. That ought to cheer Joe up. We used them alot instead of bread for like tuna salad and lettuce and things like that, we called them wraps here. You get the idea. We had one night a week that we would have omelets too. Buy some low carb bread too and ice cream, he'll get used to it.....LOL

    I'm making pasta salad today for a graduation party tomorrow night, got one sunday night to go to too. Dave will be off til next Weds. night....waaaaaaaa so I won't get anything done around here. I need to plant some flower pots for the deck. Ten days of rain really threw me behind on my outside stuff. Mom is really dreading going home tomorrow and going back to work but August will be here quickly.

    Ok gotta fly, hope your headaches are under control......

    love ya!
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    You know, Micaela is a good girl.. she just has her bi-polar mood swings to deal with and that is always going to be a challange. She really is maturing though. Last night they had the "horned Toad Derby" in Coalinga.. (yeah.. they race horned toads!) but it's a big carnival, bands fair type of thing.. I was supposed to pick up Micaela at midnight.. well I got a call from her at 9 saying "yeah, mom.. I know you have to work tomorrow.. yeah it's ok... I understand.. ok.. I'll meet you at 9:30...".. Ok.. code for Mom.. come get me I want to come home but don't want my friends to know.. Well I guess her boyfriend and his friends decided to get stoned and Micaela didn't want to be any part of it so she came home.. A few years ago, she would have been right there with them.. She was so mad at her boyfriend she wouldn't even give him a hug goodbye..
    Hmmmm.. I guess she is growing up!

    I am so proud of Kris! That is awesome.. At least you know you didn't raise him to be lazy! They like having their own money.. and it will keep him out of trouble too!

    I'm definatly going to have to find the low carb tortillas.. Joe is driving me crazy.. I came home last night and he had all his brothers and nephews over for the fights.. Two large pizzas and two large orders of chicken wings. Chips, sodas... yeah. Then I clean out his lunch box this morning and theres donut wrappers and a empty chip bag.. I told him he could at least hide the evidence!lol!
    Well, I guess when he has to start taking insulin shots he has no one to blame but himself..

    Mom's already going home? Dang.. that was fast! I haven't got anything planted this year Tona.. not a single flower.. I'm behind on the house as well.. there is just not enough time.. I didn't come in today till noon because I have to stay for the whole wedding.. soooo.. I slept until 11.. I think I could have just stayed in bed all day!!

    Ok.. gotta go check on Mr. DJ... Hugs!

  17. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I'm proud of Michaela, the wild child is sure growin up! That's more than I can say for Joe with his donut wrappers in his lunch box....LOL Hey, there is a low carb spaghetti too.

    Dave finally goes back to work tonight, YAY, I'm pooped! All we have done is work in this yard and garden for days. I'm ready for a do nothing day. We're in a big heat wave too and I'm not ready to turn on the air. I hate being cooped up with the windows shut, I have that all winter long.

    My shoulder arthur is acting up again, I guess it's about time for another shot. It was right before Christmas when I had the last one. My next appt. is the end of June so hopefully I can tough it out til then. How's your headaches???

    Tomorrow is Kris's last day of school. These school years just keep flyin by quicker and quicker Donna. Seems like yesterday I stood out in front waiting to put him on the bus for his first day of school.... sigh We're older than dirt !!

    Well I suppose I'd better get busy, you have a good day!!

    Love ya!
  18. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    On my way out the door to pick up Matthew for the week-end, save Tj a trip after work. Been raining for days and I feel like a truck hit me. Hope you're ok !!!

    Miss you!!
  19. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Your right.. we are older than dirt! Been a rough week.. 2 weddings tomorrow and a caterout.. Navy event tonight + a rehearsal.. I'm flat out exhausted.. still getting the headaches.. Gosh Kris is already out of school?? they get out really early!
    We had a little nephew born this week to Joe's half brother.. Born with holoprosencephaly.. HPE for short.. basically it means his brain didn't divide into two lobes.. He is on a feeding tube.. it's kind of touch and go. They think it's not the most severe form of the disorder or he would be dead already.. the most severe of these children are born cyclops.. one eye in the middle of their forehead.
    He looks normal except his nose is very small and he has no septum so he can not breathe through his nose. He will be retarded if he lives but we won't know till they finish testing how severly he is affected.. Gosh.. Helen is going to be a tremedous resource to these kids.. pointing them where to go for help etc.. I told Micaela maybe there is a reason all these babies are being put into her life. The boy she has been riding to school with has a little brother that had a drowning accident and was revived. He is also severly handicapped and Micaela has been helping out his Mom.. The more she is around these babies the more determined she is that this is the field she wants to be in..
    It's getting hot here too.. we are hitting the 90's pretty much daily..
    I so don't want to be here today.. We are short 3 managers right now.. Two left and haven't been replaced yet and one is on Medical.. so we are all being torn in different directions.. Seldom more than one of us in the office right now and so we are overwhelmed when we are in here.. There has to be an easier way.. I'm tired..
    Hope you have a good weekend with the boys.. love ya!
  20. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I hope you have today off... sounded like one busy week-end at the Ranch!

    So how is the little nephew, did he make it? How in the world do you spell these words Donna? Jeez you have taught me so much on illness's that I've never heard of. That's great that Michaela can already comfort so many people, that probably really helps her own self esteem too. What a great girl she is Donna.

    Today is my 'catch up' day of laundry from having a house full all week-end. Kris starts his new work routine today too. M-W-F 8-5:30 at the flower shop, T-TH 8-4 at Berne Union Schools mowing the grounds and S 10-5 at the guitar shop. All that to pay his liability insurance....LOL and to not have to hang with mom all summmer...LOL

    How's Helen? How bout her MIL? I feel like I know her, I need more pictures! Those babies have all grown and my pictures are all antiques grandma......

    Ok, TM is whispering up the steps to me, oh, need I ask how Joe is doin on the carbs????

    Love ya!

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