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    Are you there? I haven't heard from you in a while.....maybe you are still snowed in in Colorado. We still have a bit of snow here in WA but it's cold. I know it's only January, but I'm looking forward to SPRING!
    Take care, Terri
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    Good to hear from you!

    Yes, we are VERY snowed in! It has snowed for the past 4 Fridays in a row. That's unusual for the Denver metro area. The first two snowstorms where biggies. The first was 28" and I'm not even sure how much the second was. But on top of the first, it hit us hard. We still have loads of snow in the yards, and the streets are still caked with ice underneath snow. Pretty fun!

    Then we had 80 mph wind for a couple of days. Now the past two days, we are in freezing cold weather. It was zero degrees for most of yesterday, and is in the single digits again today. Brrrr!! I am really ready for warmer weather!

    How is your son? I was thinking of you and him as I went off Cortef. It gave me strength to remember that you said he went off Cortef and you didn't seem to notice any difference. I was so afraid that I would crash big time, but I didn't.

    I went off Cortef and T3 in the past few months. It was a bit hard at first, but now I actually feel better. Woo Hoo!

    I started juicing a few weeks ago, and I think it is going to be a very positive thing. I only do it on the weekends, since I work during the week, but I already feel the benefits. Have you guys gone down that road yet? I have to say, I think it is really worth trying. I feel more energy, and just feel healthier.

    Thanks for asking about me. I think about you and your son, too!

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    My son has had a major improvement since he had the flu in November....his brain fog just disappeared! I don't know why......all I can guess is three things:
    he's young and his body is healing itself, or that he had his amalgams replaced a year ago or prayer. But he used to wake up and not be coherent for a good half hour. When he had the flu, he woke right up and told me how bad he felt. Then he just continued to wake up each day and say "hi, Mom!"

    He is out of school for now. He withdrew due to lack of interest. He is well enough to hold a job, so he's been really looking for one. No luck yet, but I think January can be a slow month for hiring.

    Nice to hear from you, Twinma! from another Twinma.........Terri
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    We have done some juicing, but our juicer is old and a pain to clean. So it doesn't happen as often as it should. My husband is fond of apple-carrot. My son is fond of none of them!