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    It's jenni4736 again. I just responded to your other post. I was looking at your profile and I went back to some of your old postings on the other boards.

    I had noticed you were talking about blisters on your hands and stomache problems. I was curious, do they both seem to come together...in cycles for you? Did you get any input from your doctors concering this?

    I am asking because I am having similiar issues now. Others have suggested Psorisis and Mastocytosis. I have to admit, the mastocytosis seems to be fitting for me.

    I was curious what your take was?

    Thanks, jenni
  2. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member

  3. valleyann

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    Nice to hear from you again. I do get tiny little blisters on my knuckles and fingers...they are like water blisters. They come off and on, I haven't really figured out a pattern yet. Plus, I have terrible Acid Reflux/Heartburn so my doctor has me on Pantoloc. Because the drugs cut down on the amount of acid my stomach produces I haven't been having too many problems lately (every once in a while it still acts up). But it was getting pretty bad to the point where I had to eat all day long to keep the acid levels down in my stomach. And I couldn't bend over without acid coming up my throat. Also the heartburn that comes along with it is very painful.

    I haven't talked to my doctors about the blisters yet, but I plan on making an appointment soon to see what she has to say. I'll let you know what she tells me.

    I'm going to research Psorisis and Mastocytosis and I'll post you again to tell you what I come up with.

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    Hello again,

    I would say Mastocytosis seems rather fitting as well...I did however look at some pictures on google and the "rash" seems to look quite different from mine.

    Mine look like tiny little water blisters about the size of the tip of a pencil. What does yours look like?

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    I just responded to your other thread! How funny!

    Mine looks more like hives than blisters. It is pink/reddish, mostly flat but will rise and welt if I rub it. Oddly enough it doesn't itch unless I get hot or rub it... but once it does OOOUUUCCCCHHH!Some spots look like lines but most are circular. It stays on my arms,upper legs, and UUMMM... my breasts.

    I saw the picture of Mastocytosis too. Many of the pictures look more like...I would say....like a a RED HEAD KID WITH LOTS.. MANY.. MANY.. freckles. These appear much more... brown? than my own.

    All of the other symptoms sound much like ours, I think. Definatly something to ask about. I have learned its a fine line to walk with a doctor. We want to have a name to put to things. We just have to be careful not to get into the self diagnoses battle so the doctor doesn't "blow you off" as though you are a hypocondriact.

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    Yah I usually don't say anything to the doctor about a specific illness, I just give her my symptoms and find out what she comes up with. They really don't like it when their patients self-diagnose do they? I personally think it's smart to self-diagnose and to educate yourself on different things. After all we know our bodies best right?

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    I think it's an ego thing. God forbid we were actually right! If we ask for a new med. people get called drug seekers. If we want to be reassured we don't have something else we are hypocondriacts.

    I don't know much about doctors in Canada but many here sure do have a complex. Mine are good...thank goodness. It really does make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves.

    I do believe it is important for us to take charge of our health. I just don't think the doctors can handle a patient knowing more about something then they do (which is true many times for Fibro).

    I believe knowledge is power. I believe power is strength. I believe strength gives us courage to wake up every day and do it again.

    Keep reading and asking questions of anyone who will listen. Taking control is an important step to wellness.

  8. valleyann

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    I loved this:

    "I believe knowledge is power. I believe power is strength. I believe strength gives us courage to wake up every day and do it again."

    This is a very strong and beautiful statement!


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