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    in your post at oilpulling thread you mentioned about wanting to focus on tests this year and getting good ideas for it here

    I am thinking and focusing similarly.
    I am curious if you have narrowed the tests down, prioritized them. I would like to figure out what tests I might be able to get done under my insurance and which ones not, have you figured out best place to start and if any could get done with mainstream doc?
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    Hi Simonedb,

    Your post caught me a little off guard, as I am getting reading to do a lengthy trip and don't expect to start doing the testing I mentioned for a few more months. And I haven't done my homework yet!

    One test that come to mind right away is the primary immunodeiciency test. Txfmmom did a really good post on this and can be accessed at:

    <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1309140&B=FM">I would encourage all to be tested for primary immunodeficiency</a>

    Forbearance also did a really good post on gene test called HLA DR. It can be accessed at:

    <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1283400&B=FM">CFS / FM / Lyme: A Genetic Test that's Worth Taking</a>

    Right off the top of my head, I feel I should be tested for a lot of the common pathogenic conditions many of us deal with like:

    Epstein Barr
    Chlamydia Pneumonia
    Perhaps some Mold tests

    Thyroid and adrenal tests are also very important, which I've already done.

    My plan was to start a thread and ask people to make suggestions on what they consider some of the most important tests a person should start with. I probably won't get to it until after my trip however.

    It would be great if you were to start such a thread with a nice descriptive title! I'll keep an eye open for it. :)

    Regards, Wayne