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    Hi Webby,

    It was good to hear from you. How are you doing? Yes, this has been quite a time for my mom and I. They did a culture on her so I don't think it was food poisoning. This is going around in this area apparently. My mom is still in the hospital though. She passed out and hit her head on the stool and I had to call 911 in the night last Wed. She has been in ever since and it is now Monday night.

    The party I was referring to is for Nancy (Manager). Her birthday is actually May 2 but there was a little confusion thinking it was a month earlier so Nancy is going to drive up stopping along the way picking up one of every kind of junk food. She will pick me up and hopefully everyone in the area. We will then head up to Caffey in Canada, have Pepper come on over since she is up there too and then have one big party.
    Everyone is welcome as usual. I promise to leave my barf bag and depends at home. LOL No germs of anykind allowed okay?

    We figure that by the time we drive up there and pick everyone up along the way it should be around May 2 when we actually arrive. Then Cath will have to have a place for us all to sleep and eat of course. She will probably treat us first to the famous Canadian nanimo bars which she has sent me a pic of and I swear I gained 2 pounds just looking at it. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

    So just be waiting for us to arrive. We figure Nancy will need a Uhaul to put all the junk food in. See ya.

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    Bump for WEbby