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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dononagin, Jul 31, 2007.

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    Just got off the phone with our Ali-kitten...

    She is very weak. Her blood counts are extremely low and they are considering a transfusion. One doctor wants to wait to make sure she isn't bleeding internally from the kidney Biopsy yesterday first.

    The initial results of the Biopsy are Class IV Lupus Nepritis. The most aggressive form. The good news, is there are no blood clots in her kidneys as she has a big enough fight on her hands without that too. She will not have the complete biopsy report for around 2 weeks.

    It is very serious. They will probably be starting her on dialysis within a few days. She will remain on dialysis on a outpatient basis when she goes home. She is hoping to go home in a week or so, her health willing.

    She realizes that her fight to stay working is over. The last few weeks have been a fight for her life.

    Nick is hanging tough and all of her family has been there to rally around her. I told her it is a terrible shame she has to be so sick to get the support of her family but I'm so greatful they are there for her right now. Her Mom is there everyday.

    Of course, our Ali sends her love.. She appreciates your thoughts and prayers..

    Tough day today.. Joe and I are both feeling miserable.. Only left the house long enough to by milk and bread other than that layed around all day.

    I'll catch ya from work tomorrow just wanted to update you on our girl..

    Hope the new angel is doing wonderful! Can't wait for pictures!

    much love,
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    Wow forgot how quickly a new thread loads from the crappy old dial up I have!

    Thank you for the update on Ali, any news since then? A cousin of mine had to go for dialisis as an outpatient. I can't beleive Ali was still working with all of her health issues. She is way too young to have all of these health issues. Does anyone else in her family have really bad health too or just Ali?

    I've got to get busy on this house. The Queen arrives a week from Saturday and I don't have anything done. My summer has really been odd with having Kris home all the time and picking up after him.... no wonder I get nothing done! He went for blood work yesterday and I'm hoping we get the results by week-end.... if all is well he can go back to work at the school on Monday. He has been going on fire runs again. He gets $15 for every run he goes on, they pay quarterly and last quarter he made $745. They don't tax that money so he gives me the tax money to put up for him. This quarter he won't have near that with being hurt and then sick.

    Garden is doing great. Finally finished the first beans. I need to bake and freeze more zuchinni bread before the queen gets here, lord knows she doesn't let me stay home long enough to do any baking while she's here.

    Did I tell ya that the kids dropped the xtra D from Madison's name? Gina said everything she looked at in stores with that name only had one D so she changed it... made sense to me. Kacey calls her peanut and Jalynn junebug. I told him he'd better be saving for those two weddings... LOL LOL LOL

    Hope you're feeling better today, I had one of those days yesterday, had a million things to do but only managed to do laundry and run and empty the dishwasher. I think it's the stress of the upcoming visit that's getting to me... bad bad daugher, smack smack... ok I'm better now! Gotta get in gear and go pay bills..... XOXOXOXO
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  4. LindaH

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    I am sorry to here one more thing to deal with. If you get a chance let me know. Pm me on the other board we are on or email me. Hope all is well but I am concerned.

  5. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Can't believe the picture.. poor Kris. Thank God he is alive. Recovery is going to be rough. How are the other boys doing? Are you holding up?? Love ya
  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I took Kris to the doctor yesterday. He got his stitches out and she told him it will take a lot of time to heal. His eye is finally opening up more and it's blood red inside so I'm taking him to our eye doctor this morning. He says he is seeing fine but I want to hear it from the doctor.

    Tony's dad called Monday and gave us all the claim information for their insurance. Same company we are with just a different agent so maybe it won't be too bad to go through. You won't believe this one Donna, I got a big package in the mail Monday and it was from attorney/amubulance chasers wanting us to sue. Even had a DVD and a VHS in the package.... aint life grand, I guess people are so 'sue' crazy these days.

    Tony is still in the hospital, poor kid got two steel plates in his leg and sprained his opposite ankle real bad too. I'm not sure when he gets to come home. Ted has been here every day hanging around with Kris. He can't get into his family doctor until Friday for his recheck and his knee is very swollen. Nobody noticed it that day in the hospital so I'm sure he'll need an xray of it. I got a good look at the tree they smacked and there is glass and such all around the bottom of it. When this heat and humidity breaks I'm going to walk up and clean up around it.

    Kris has made out like a bandit! He received two chocolate pies, one butterscotch pie, one cherry pie, a twinkie cake and a 3 layer chocolate cake... all homemade. AND not one of those was from his dad's family that live very close to us. Sad huh? The neighbors sure came through for him though..LOL

    I'm working on weaning my puppies. I gave them some soaked puppy chow yesterday thinking I'd have to put a little in their mouths to get them to like the taste of it like Kathy told me to do..... NOT they all four pounced their front paws in the dish and dug in like they hadn't eatten in years.... It was so funny. I hung a water bottle on the cage too. Next week sometime I am taking them to be Vet checked and by next Friday they will be ready to go. Kathy said alot of people keep them until 8 wks that it's up to me. I went up to Kathys yesterday to see her brand new two hour old min pin puppies. She had told me when Kayte was whelping that Kayte's babies were big. I believe her now because hers were so tiny! She has 4 other dogs ready to whelp in the next week or two. I don't know how she keeps up.... did I mention she runs the farm too including the tractors and fields?? Wonder woman in my book....LOL

    Donna I am SO not ready for mom. I am so tired and stressed I can't see straight. Tj and Sara are fighting and have split up... again. It's just one thing after another and the thought of mom for three weeks just makes me want to sit and cry. Back when I was working she only came for a week because I couldn't get much time off of work.... a week is alot easier to handle... for ALL of us. Then I feel guilty for dreading her visit, I know I'm so lucky to still have her. Sigh....

    Ok gotta get my butt in gear and get on with this day.... I can't even remember the last time I had a morning to get on the TM... it probably thinks I deserted it. I'll have to dust the dang thing to find it right now...LOL

    Any Ali news? What about the genetics group? How bout Joe, any appts for him to get some things done? He'll be to the point soon where the stupid meds won't do anything for him. With his job it has to be horrible to be in pain and be in the heat too. Tell the wild child I said hi, though I think this new boyfriend may have tamed her...LOL

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo love ya friend!
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    Good to hear some news Tona. We are still praying for all of you. Hope things continue to improve.

  8. dononagin

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    i'm leaving work for the neurosurgeon in a few minutes.. I'm a wreck! Check in later.. love you
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    What did the Neuro say???

    The Queen arrives today and doesn't leave until Sept.2nd. She stays in this room so it's hard to get computer time.... SO instead of trying to get over here and logged in and such keep in touch with me by email while she's here if that's ok with you!!

    Gotta run, a million things to do! Love ya and I'm hoping for good news from your appt. Did Micaela get home safe??? xoxoxox
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    Well the crash and burn has arrived, my legs have been screaming for three days now and nothing helps.... sigh. You know the name of that tune too.

    I've been up worrying about kris all night. He went on a squad run last evening and just got home and got called out again at midnight..... he just got home ten minutes ago at 6am. He didn't have his cell with him. Anyway it was a whole house fire a couple miles from us. Total loss. He's worn out from hauling hoses and hosing in the windows, his ribs haven't healed all the way yet. He pulled down the drive way and the tears went rolling. Jeez I didn't even know if he had got to the fire house ok. Needless to say he won't make it to school today. I told him he's going to have to skip late night call outs til school is over. Since he is 18 now he could quit school if he wanted so I try not to harp too dang much...LOL

    What's new out yonder? Everyone ok? Kris is going to take some photos of the 'new' living room so I can email them. Finally got the room all put together and even bought lamps and furniture. Turned the directv back on to the tv that goes in that room and the dang thing blew up.... we just sat and looked at each other...lol So off to Best Buy we went for a new tv for me. Can't complain I guess, that one was 15 years old...LOL

    Kris is really liking his laptop.... password protected it the little jerk! All the puppies sold too so I have it all paid for.... yay..

    Ok, off to find more meds, hope you're doin ok, miss you! XOXO
  11. tonakay

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    And that you check in soon...
  12. tonakay

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    time to check in girlfriend!
  13. tonakay

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    how about that update????

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