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    Has anyone heard of any studies using Human Growth Hormone to treat Fibromyalgia?
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    ya ...Dr. bennett a fibro doc did a study


    it was effective but only problem is you need to mortgage your house to afford it (unless insurance covers?)

    best predictor of HGH is IGF-1 made in the liver. recently found out mine is low 159 (181-412) which doesnt surpirse me , just other than HGH shots, not sure what i can do about this? will disucss with Endo i guess but he didnt even bring this to my attention , i only found out when I requested all my bloodwork, not happy with this clown and will be seeing another Endo, I mean how do you miss that and not tell this to a patient with FM and CFS when it is common knowledge that a good chunk of Fibro people have abnormal IGF-1 and HGH levels. IGF-1 hormone is argueably one of the most important hormones that affects EVERY cell in your body and yet he doesnt even raise an eyebrow over my abnormal results. Am I missing something as in my results have to be even lower (even though 97.5% of people have more IGF-1 than me) than what they already are for the Endo to be concerned?? Would a 159 reading of ug/L (in canada) warrant HGH supplementation? Also, could one supplement with IGF-1 instead I wonder? as maybe it is more affordable. I have never heard of IGF-1 supplementation though.

    I read some natural ways to boost HGH (amino acids especially arginine and gaba) and even chlorella and on the drug side , the drug xyrem (gamma hydroxybutryic acid) is suuposed to help increase HGH I gather as it helps you get into stage 4 sleep when most of one's HGH is released. Not sure I am ready for Xyrem though.

    All I know is, I likely have and definitley feels like i have IGF-1 and most likely HGH levels of an 80 year old (and I am only 36), no wonder I can't repair my muscles and have lost 30 pounds of lean muscle gradually over the last 15 years.

    Anyone out there getting HGH shots? or know other means to boost either HGH or IGF-1 naturally or by other means, please share.


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