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  1. Dolphin_lover

    Dolphin_lover New Member

    Has anyone tried somatropin (injectible HGH) human growth hormone for CFS? If you have, or know anyone who has can you please tell me if it has helped?

    Thinking of trying it. Anyones thoughts will be appreciated.

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Hey Dolphin_lover,

    There have been members here in the past that have used HGH for CFS/FM. You can put it in search and see what comes up.

    If you have your doctor test you for GH, they really need to test the insulin-like growth factor numbers. (The liver breaks GH down into IGF-1.)

    The reason behind this is GH fluctuates greatly during the day, even in "normal" people. If you want an accurate reading you really ought to go w/ IGH-1.

    Many CFS/FM experts believe strongly in HGH treatment. I think some of our FCC patients are on it.

    HGH injections are very expensive. ( About 1000.0) per month. If insurance doesn't pick it up, it could be a costly treatment. I have heard pros and cons from people who are on it.

    It is not for everyone. HGH makes tumors grow more rapidly ... I.E. "growth hormone" , so if someone is battling tumors of any type, this would not be a good treatment option.

    I have thought of GH treatment before. The bulk of GH is produced during the restorive sleep phases, which is why many CFS/FM patients are deficient in GH. We don't sleep ... so we don't produce GH.

    I decided to try and raise my quality of sleep and see if I didn't feel better that way first. I am sleeping much better, so maybe slowly I am increasing my GH.

    I have HGH injections in the back of my mind if need be. For right now it is too much without enough return. I may sing a different tune down the road though.

    Hope this helps some,

  3. tilla

    tilla New Member

    I have been on HGH a few years and I am not sure that it helps that much, although I have been able to raise my IGF level with it. The doctor monitors it so that it does not get too high.

    I have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, which causes you not to produce HGH. I am now on oxygen at night. You might want to try a sleep study first. It really has helped me with feeling better.


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