HGH or Secretagogues (VesPro GHS)

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  1. Gretchen12

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    Has anyone tried growth hormones? I have been reading that they can be very efficacious. I would prefer the natural product sold here--Ves Pro GHS.

    Would appreciate any advice or comments.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Slayadragon

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    I used "real" human growth hormone, the kind in the little shots, for a while. Expensive stuff, but my insurance was pretty generous at the time. Those things totally knocked me flat on my back.....they're the only hormone that hasn't worked wonders for me.

    My theory is that they put my body into repair mode, which would be great except that I don't have that much energy for repairs.

    The one time recently that I did find it helpful was when I badly sprained my ankle. A month had gone by and I still couldn't walk on it. Finally I decided to try some HGH, which was still in my refrigerator. After two days of using it, my ankle was almost totally healed. Sometimes I wonder if it ever would have gotten better if I hadn't used it.

    I read later on that a lot of celebrities use HGH after facial surgery to help in the healing process. I would believe that.

    I personally would use it myself any time I needed to heal from an injury or operation (which doesn't happen very much). Even if I needed to buy it out-of-pocket, it wouldn't be that expensive for that purpose.

    As for everyday use.....right now I don't have extra energy for repairs. If I can get my viral load down (I'm supposed to be starting on an anti-viral drug soon) and my energy level way up, I'd consider it. Not until then, I don't think.

    I've not read of another person on this list who's tried HGH and not been exhausted by it. Cheney was trying it on some of his patients for a while. They were knocked out by it too, but he was still experimenting with tiny amounts. I don't know what he's doing now.

    As for Segretagogues.....I bought a box of that stuff for about $100 once. Unfortunately it gave me a huge headache, and so I only took one tablet. I wish I could give it to someone.....it's sad to have it go to waste. I'm not sure how it would be for CFS, though. I doubt much different than the pre-made stuff even if your body could manufacture it from the segreatagogue, although I'm not sure.

    If you have a good experience (or a bad), let us know!
  3. Gretchen12

    Gretchen12 New Member

    Thanks for the information. I am confused as to why it would make you so exhausted. I thought it was supposed to give an energy boost. Shows how little I know about this!

    I am so desperate to get well again. I keep reading that the chances of a recovery are slim if one has been sick for five years with this DD and I have been ill for about three and 1/2 years now.

    I really wonder if anyone actually recovers from this.

  4. Gretchen12

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  5. Slayadragon

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    I'll just tell you about my case. You can see if yours is different.

    I am the model of having what was (unfortunately) described as "Yuppie Flu"---very energetic and fine one moment, then got a bad case of the flu and never recovered. (This was preceded by a head injury.)

    I've had genetic testing that shows that my immune system is in bad shape. This is consistent with a) a low level of Natural Killer Cell activity, b) a low Rnase level, and c) a high level of measured viral activity throughout my body. (Not just one virus.....a multitude of viruses that have sort of taken over.) I also am constantly being attacked by candida throughout my system (another function of my low immune system), and to a lesser degree bacteria and parasites.

    My endocrine system is also shot. I'm not sure why. I tend to think this is related to the viruses, but I'm not sure. The cognitive fuzziness is mostly due to yeast and fatigue.

    It seems to me that my fatigue is caused by fighting all those viruses. It's like having the flu and never getting over it.

    I have only a small amount of fibromyalgia. I'm not sure what causes fibromyalgia. My best guess (based on the fact that it gets worse when I am on certain medications) is that it is caused by buildup of toxins in the muscles. I generally am not bothered by it much.

    Obviously, the body needs to put some energy into repair some of the time. In my case, my hgh levels are on the abnormal side, but not as abnormal as the rest of my endocrine system. If I use the hgh, it seems to push available energy into repair. This is nice in one respect, maybe. But it is extremely exhausting. I do not know if I would be better off if I did this on occasion and stayed in bed during those times. It did seem to be the case that with my ankle injury, putting all the energy into repair mode seemed to be crucial for it to heal _ever_, even though it kept me unable to get out of bed for about a week.

    My new plan is to try to kill off some of the viral load with one or more of the new anti-viral drugs. If I can keep my viral load down with drugs, perhaps I will have more energy in general.....if I can also keep the yeast and other bugs under control. There is some small precedent for this, but it's by no means sure. I'm very much a guinea pig in this.

    If that happens, perhaps I will choose to try the hgh again, if I can tolerate it. My doctor said he thought that it would be helpful fo r me if I could.

    In my case, the illness seems to be purely inherited. My brother and my grandfather also had it. I'm not sure why it was triggered at that moment (age 32). Maybe the flu triggered it. Or maybe the immune system collapsed and got what appeared to be the flu (but instead was my body fighting off an onslaught of viruses before--later--it gave up on that sort of active fight). I never "get" colds or flus now, which suggest that my body doesn't waste its energy dispelling small amounts of the stuff by making germ-filled mucus etc. I feel like I have the flu all the time in terms of energy, however.

    This sort of CFS almost invariably appears before age 35 (40 tops). I don't know why. A lot of diseases appear at certain ages, though. Why do certain cancers appear at certain ages? Or Alzheimer's Disease? So that this should pop up at a particular age is questionable.

    Based on what I have seen, I think my experience is one of a minority on this board. So maybe my disease is a subset of CFS. I have hypotheses why other people get sick, but I'm not sure and so am not going to float them now.

    In my case.....I do not expect to ever "get better," just as Alzheimer's patients never get better. There is something innately wrong with me. For now, I think maybe I can kill off a good number of these bugs and have a normal life (which some people--very recently--seem to have done). Maybe eventually doctors will find a way to boost my immune system. Perhaps in the distant future, something like stem cells could repair it, although I'm not holding my breath.

    Your experience may be totally different, however. I have no idea why you're sick. My doctor seems to have found me much more difficult to treat than his other patients (a great many of whom also have CFS),, and so perhaps their diseases are more of a combination of their bodies falling apart due to stress or, possibly, toxicity. I've not heard of many people getting better, but perhaps they could if they were treated in the right way.

    In any case,, I've not heard anything about HGH being a magic bullet. Too bad. When I tried it about 6 years ago, I had high hopes for it too.
  6. jarjar

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    That have favored well on HGH shots with our disease.
    I take the injections and have no problem with them. I am getting better but I attribute most of that to being on the Marshall Protocol.

    Dr. Salvato did a study years ago with VesPro HGH and CFS taht you should be able to search out and read.

  7. Gretchen12

    Gretchen12 New Member


    Thanks for your reply. I, too, came down with a terrible sinus infection and was desperately ill for over six weeks--ended up in the hospital for a week with numerous tests.

    At first they thought I had temporal arteritis and put me on Prednisone which made me crazy. Finally after a biopsy, it was determined that I did not have temporal arteritis.
    I was finally off the Prednisone, but I have remained sick since that time. I have very high EBV titers and very low ATP.

    I have CFS and FM. I do notice that the pain is worse when I overdo even the slightest. I know I am guilty of the push/crash cycle, but life happens and I have to at least get to the grocery store, etc.

    I had lived a very stressful life before this all happened.
    I was a stockbroker, but mostly traded bonds for the firm
    I was with. There was extreme pressure on a daily basis.

    I have always thought that the stress from this and other life events might have worn out my system. Of course, I believe that some of us have a propensity--through genes, or whatever to be susceptible. I know that I always pushed myself to the limit.

    I do appreciate all your information. I guess there really isn't a magic bullet, but I just cannot keep myself from hoping.

    Have to go now as I am really suffering from sensory overload and I have to get out some time today to get some food in the house.

    Will keep you posted.

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    You seem to be really interested in this, and so you might want to look at the archives of articles on the board (I think under "Library" at the top of this page) under the name of Cheney.

    This is Paul Cheney, the M.D. in hiding (as opposed to Dick Cheney,, the vice president in hiding).

    Apparently he was trying it in extremely small doses for some of his patients. I mean teeny tiny doses....something like 1/10 of the normal recommended dose. He said if they took more than that, they would have a serious crash. My HGH (prescription) was in pre-made little syringes, and so I never managed to get the dosage quite so low. Anyway, that use of the drug was in the super-experimental stage, and I don't know if anything much came of it in the end.

    This was maybe five years ago, though. And he used prescription HGH, not secretagogues. Maybe you'll find out more if you do a search, though.

    I think I am allergic to something in the secretagogue I bought, since it gave me an extreme allergic-type headache. I wish I could give some of it away to someone to try, or that my doctor would consider giving it out as samples. It comes in sealed packages, although I don't know if it's expired. Everytime I come across it, I feel very wasteful. All this stuff adds up in cost, and it does get awfully expensive.

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