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    Hi, I went to a new rhemy last week, and his office just called and said my sed rate was high.

    Now he wants me to have a chest xray and a mamogram(sp) done.

    has anyone had this and or know why I would need to have a other test.

    Any help would be great.

  2. pattyholland

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    Hi Patty,

    My sed rate gets checked every few months so we know the baseline. I was doing IVIG last year, had some sort of episode that landed me in the hospital. By the time they got ahold of my specialt, he knew immediately that it was due to serum sickness. I went off the IVIG for three months, tried it again, and had worse symtoms (nausea, throwing up, vesal vegals). I had an allergic reaction to the IVIG and can no longer use it.

    Have you recently been on an antibiotic or other drug? If so, you may be allergic to it.

    Chest xray and mammogram I don't know about, but if you trust your doctor I'm sure the testing is necessary.

    Hope this helps,
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    mine is high and its a part of FM/CFS. I did not have either test by the way. Did you ask him what he is looking for???

    mamo gram doesnt make sense for a rhummy.....

    get my doctors book... the nothing wrong symdrome- by Dr Benjamin H. Natelson. google it...Excellent book and doctor.

    best of luck to you
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    I know it dosent make sense, but it sure does scare that crap out of me.

    Why in the world would he want me to have it ?

    Do you think that maybe it was so high that he is thinking the worst?

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    ASK him b4 you go through with any test..and I would get a second oppinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!