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  1. shellyross

    shellyross New Member

    Has anyone taken injected human growth hormone and experienced tingling and numbness in the vagina?
  2. leomonkey

    leomonkey Member

    I am curious about people's experiences and results with Growth Hormone also.
  3. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    About three years ago, my doc. sugested that I try HGH to see if it would help my cfs and fm. It was not readily available here in Aust. at that time and he was specially importing it from US.

    Had to have blood, urine and saliva tests before starting to check all sorts of levels.
    Every two weeks I went into his office and collected two bottle of the HGH liquid to keep in the fridge at home and use.
    Got my injection needles from the local chemist but then found I could get them cheaper from the diabetics association.
    Injected HGH into my thigh every morning for about 12 weeks.
    Cost about 3000$ US.
    At the end of the three months I had another range of tests.

    No difference in the pathology results and I did not feel any different.
    Shellyross, I did not have any tingling or numbness in the vagina - no change in anything except my bank balance.
    Another hope for improvement did not eventuate - but at least I tried.
    Others may have had better results.
  4. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I have been taking norditropin nordiflex for close to four months now. I haven't had any negative side effects, including the problem you have mentioned.

    I have truly benefitted greatly from it and at an earlier stage then is usually stated. It generally takes 6 to 9 months for CFS/FMS patients to receive help from it ... 'course the antiaging benefits sooner then that.

    I discovered over Christmas when a six day break from treatment (beyond my control) showed me how much GH treatment works for me. On about the third day my fibro soft tissue pains stated to resurface ...

    I could picture the tiny tears happening all over again ... and each passing day getting worse. It took about a week to get back to where I was prior to the break.

    GH also has a very strong influence on immunity .... which is something we all seem to need in our CFS/FMS battle.

    On that same 6 day break I started getting early inklings of a bladder infection .... which is not something I usually have to contend with. With the help of cranberry and re-starting my GH, that early infection faded away.

    Most recommend taking your injection at night right before bedtime to mimick natural GH release. I do as well, but I also inject a smaller amount in the AM .... My plan is to simulate as natural "flow" of GH as I can vs a spike and then drop off. I feel pretty good on this cycle.

    There is a subset that has a huge imrovement on GH treatment .... something around 30 to 40 percent. I fall into that subset.

    Dr. Chaney and others agree that almost all will improve with it to a degree.... I guess it might come down to weighing whatever amount of benefit you get from it vs the cost of the rx.

    Every CFS/FMS study I have poured over says you should devote 6 months to GH before re-evaluating whether you should add it to your treatment plan on a permanate basis. In my case there is no doubt.

    Insurance companies will not jump right up and volunteer to pay for this drug .... If you want their financial help, I'm sure you would have to file yourself, ask permission first and/or jump through several of their hoops.

    With my ins. company, I looked up all their info decided I did not want their version of what GH treatment I must be on, IE .. taking a different brand for starters.

    I like mine ... I don't have to reconstitute or mix up anything and it's simple to store in it's own pen-like cartridge.

    I have no intention of allowing a "numbers person" decide what my daily "dose" will be either. I have a perfectly good, highly trained doctor making that decision with me.

    Alot of neysayers have you believing you will be spending "thousands" of dollars per month for this treatment. Norditropin nordiflex comes in three strengths, 5, 10 and 15mgs ....

    The 5mgs plus novofine needles costs me 347.00 per month .... This was from a high end clinic that had a high end mark up to match .... Walgreen's quoted 220.00 for the same things ... and we all know Walgreen's is no stranger to mark ups, LOL. I have found the same strength online for even less.

    At the moment I am using the 15mgs strength .... After a few more months ... 2-3 ... I plan on dropping down to the 10mgs nordiflex.

    Also, my brand is fairly new ... (the delivery system I mean) ... so it is enjoying the bump in price the company can charge for being the only one to offer such convienence.

    The company Novo Nordisk has a program that helps patients financially who need their medicine but are finding the cost prohibitive. It is worth looking into for those interested.

  5. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Have you ever ordered yours online? I also saw that website where you get free shipping if you order 3 pens at once.

    Do you know if they ship it on ice since it needs to stay cold?

    I'm on my 3rd month and haven't seen much of anything yet but I think it will take me longer as you mentioned since my immune system is so suppressed.

    My nurse has noticed her energy level is much better and several other things (I can't remember now what she said - guess it hasn't helped with memory yet- lol).

  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I haven't ordered it on line yet but have thought about it alot. Was going to ask you what you knew about it!

    I have halfheartedly looked into it, but haven't given it my usual intense search .... My husband would probaly appreciate it if I would though, lol.

    I hope you start to get stronger immune system-wise soon. You are going to love the effects of your GH then. I still cannot get over the difference it makes in me ....

    If I remember right, I haven't been sick as long as you have? .... I only had EBV to deal with too ... That probably is making a difference.

    Dr. Chaney's patients had to go the 6 month and 9 month marks for improvement to be measurable. Hang in there ... it aught to kick in for you.

    Oh ... I read recently some more studies where people like us who are low and not effectively producing GH during the night should take their dose at bedtime (as always) but to add an AM dose to avoid the up/down spike HRT can produce.

    Suggests it would be a more natural flow of GH if the dose was divided up and given twice. I have been trying it lately, but with a tiny AM dose ...What do you think about this? It makes sense to me.

    Oh ... another thing ... I have been injecting in my thigh only, like that website we have both been to suggested. It certainly made a difference for me from when I was injecting mostly in my stomach area.

    Hope you are doing well .... Talk soon,

  7. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I too have been injecting it in my thigh. I try hard to get that last expensive little drop in there so I have to keep the needle in for about 30 seconds. Do you do that?

    I forgot what dosage you are on? I want to stay as low as I can because of the cost but yet I want it to work.

    I'm assuming it will take longer since I have lyme plus 3 viruses. I'm not giving up because I know it will work but figured it would take longer with me.

    If you do find anything else on that website, let me know. I sure don't want to get ripped off if I buy 3 pens to cut down on the cost.

  8. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I think I know that sight .... I'm going to google all this again this morning ....

    It's costing me more these days because of using the 15mg/ml then the 5mg/ml .... Long story believe me. However, you do get more bang for your buck! I may not be able to afford that big of a bang for long!!

    Anyway, I'm going to do some digging and I'll let you know what I come up with. We are paying for the ease of use with the nordiflex .... It is the only brand so far that doesn't have to be mixed, inserted into cartridge, etc.

    I want to keep that easy brand if I can ..... Oh, I take .3mgs pm with a smidge in the AM... .15mg.... the total is less then your amount isn't it I think but not sure?!?

    I'm going googling now ...... tell you what I find .....

  9. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Going on my 2nd year of Humantrope and never experienced the vaginal numbness you mentioned and couldn't find it my pamphlet on possible side effects.

    I took a break for about 3 months as I wasn't sure if it really was doing anything for........HUGE MISTAKE. I can't imagine my life without it.

    Best wishes........foxglove
  10. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    so how long does a pen last you?

    I'm only taking .15 at night. Do you think that is enough? My nurse said to start out slow as it can cause bloating and muscle cramping but she was just reading from the literature.

    I sure want to be taking enough to make a difference. Do you think I need to go up on it?

    Thanks Elsa, you've been a big help with this stuff.

  11. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    I presume one needs a prescription to buy this online?

    Thanks, **LdyM
  12. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Actually, the company I found online didn't look like you needed a prescription. It was the Nordiflex. I did a search and found it but don't recall right now the name of it.

    It was about $100 cheaper than at the FFC. Although the FFC is having a sale for a few months of $100 off.

  13. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    Appreciate it Sandy! I will follow this thread and look into it online when I'm able.

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  14. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Before going on HGH, I would highly recommend seeing a good endocrinologist as in the state I live in, only an endo can prescribe HGH.

    My IGF-1 (lab test for human growth hormone) was equivalent to that of a 3 day old cadaver (yes, a cadaver can continue to produce growth hormone for as much as 5 days after death).

    I started out low .2 mg (2 clicks of the pen) and am now up to 3 clicks .3mg. My legs and arms are now very lean and muscular and I'm well aware that Humantrope is partly responsible for this as I also do a little weight training, pilates, and yoga.

    Gosh, guys, please be careful ordering powerful injectable meds off the internet.

    Best wishes to all........foxglove
  15. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    And which state is that foxglove? I'm in California.

    Thanks, **LdyM
  16. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Tons of spooky sights advertise growth hormone at unreal prices .... no rx required, etc.. Those are real red flags for me.

    Things to look for in online meds .... Pharmacy type places.Do they have a physical address listed on website or a physical number listed. Do they list professional associations that they are members of? IE Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sight ... VIPPS ...

    If you see that on a sight you know they are on the up and up.

    There is a pharmacy that has all these available ... Drugstore com They will only send this stuff with an rx ... there are several ways to do this ... one being a transfer from your current pharmacy which is what I might do.

    The price for nordiflex was pretty good ... about 100.00 off the price I originally paid for 5mg/1.5ml. The price wasn't so GREAT that it was too good to be true, but good enough to help save some money ... know what I mean?

    There is another site that looks like it wants to portray itself as a clinic .... with docs on-call, health evals to fill out, etc. They list associations but when you point your clicker ... they don't highlight. Their prices are alittle too good maybe ...

    I wanted to thank foxglove for bringing this up and maybe add my thoughts to it.

    We have to be so careful .... our treatments ... all of them ... are so expensive, the temptation to go another route is really strong. Legalities don't scream at me the way risk of contaminated rx'es from bad sources does. Please be safe .....

  17. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Well put elsa.....I reside in NY
  18. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I think it is interesting to find someone besides myself who benefits so greatly from growth hormone treatment.

    I have already decided it is probably the most important weapon I have against CFS/FMs. I saw improvements very early ... did you? A cadaver produces more GH then you do? I'm really not laughing here ... really, I'm not! Uh, that's a really low IGF-1 number!

    Mine was low enough, but not in your league. Before testing, I had been on l-tyrosine - 3000mgs 2xd - and mucana pruriens ... which is standardized to l-dopa ... for 6 and 3 months respectively. These things promote GH secretion. They probably kept me out of the cadaver zone!

    I have had two instances now that prove to me how important GH is to me. First, an interuption in treatment, and, secondly, just recently, I could tell my GH had lost some potency ... The signs came back, but not enough to stop me. I didn't really notice until I started my new refill.

    What other treatments are you on? (You don't have to list a complete history here, LOL. Just curious if we are on other similar things.) Do you take other hormones for HPA axis? Do you supplement mitochondria dysfunction?

    I have found with my mitoch. treatment that timing is everything. I have recently started on all aspects of it's support.

    If your not careful, treating the cell's energy powerhouse can blow your boots off! In other words ... it works! Need to be mindful of time of day though!

    I hope you are doing well. I know there must be others here who do extraordinarily well on GH ... but I haven't spoken with them. It's good to speak with you ....

    I know all the research surrounding GH and fibro patients. All of them prove a resounding "yes" to positive treatment effects. Of course, the cost is huge. I have determined I'll give up things if I have to .... but I will stay on this indefinately.

    Take care,

  19. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    So what did you think of the website Discount Hormones dot com? Did it look like a legitimate site?

    The prices are good if you order 3 months worth but I'd have to know they were reputable.

    Just curious as to what you thought................

  20. elsa

    elsa New Member

    That is the one I'm not sure about yet. They do have physical number and fax ... say you will be dealing w/ health professionals and they do list professional asociations.

    The prices are pretty good and some GH has a decent self life as long as it either isn't reconstituted yet or, in our case, haven't brohen the seal on the pen w/ needle yet.

    How do I find out more about them ... contact them, ask for more info? The prices are good and we are whimps in the dose department, LOL. (Mine is still below the recommended dose.)

    Also, I'm not sure I want to fill out the medical questionaire for the doc without knowing more about them. I don't know if they honor HIPPA laws ... you know, if they are not legit then they wouldn't give a fig about the HIPPA laws.

    I am willing to pay the $$ I am through my pharmacy. (So unlike most people's experiences, Walgreen's has step up over and over again for me.) That is very, very close to mega bucks per year. (I don't file it). It works that well for me.

    Have you looked at drugstore dot com? There are others too. This is the time I need to be during this as I just refilled my rx .... I went up 60.00 on January 15th. Uug!

    If you are still on .15mgs/day it's ok to go up ... What does your doctor think? Nordiflex's patient info leaflet lists doses like this.

    Starting dose .... 0.004mg/kg/day
    Top Out dose ....0.016mg/kg/day

    'Course it depends I guess on how you feel and what your IGF-1 might have said .... although that last test is not the end all - beat all on GH deficiency.

    Let me know what you think .....


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