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    Has anybody tried hgh?
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    I have. It's the real stuff, that comes in the little shots. There are two brands. One is made by Eli Lilly. I have the other one.

    1) I tried using one shot per day (and then half or 1/4 of a shot, a few times a week) upon the advice of my doctor. He said that my hgh levels were low (although not as low as some of my other hormones). They shots at all doses made me very tired. This is consistent with reports by Paul Cheney, M.D., who was trying them with his patients for a while. My belief is that they channel the body's extra energy toward repair, leaving little left over for functioning. I decided after a while of off-and-on that I would leave them alone until I felt somewhat better. (There is still a bunch in my refrigerator.)

    2) Last fall I very badly sprained my ankle, tearing a bunch of tendons. After three weeks, I still couldn't walk on it. Then I decided to give the HGH a try. I used only 1/2 shot per day. Within 2 days, my ankle was almost totally healed. I've heard before that a lot of people (e.g. the rich and/or famous) routinely use this when recovering from such things as cosmetic surgery. If I had to have surgery of any kind or had another injury, I most definitely would try this again. (HGH is very expensive, but used for this purpose over a period of a couple of weeks--if that--it would be within reason even if insurance didn't pay.)

    3) Before trying the HGH, I purchased (again on the advice of my doctor) some secretagogue (a substance that helps your body make HGH). It gave me one of the worst headaches in my life. This happened on two separate occasions, and so I gave up on it. This is unfortunate, since it cost about $100 for the box and I've yet to find anyone else who wants it.

    Let me know if you have any further question.