HH Dalai Lama on Religious Diversity

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    Despite all the material progress in this and the last century we still experience suffering, especially in relation to mental well-being. In fact, if anything, the complex way of life created by modernisation or globalisation is causing new problems and new causes of mental unrest. Under these circumstances I feel that the various religious traditions have an important role to play in helping to maintain peace and the spirit of reconciliation and dialogue, and therefore harmony and close contact between them is essential. Whether we are believers or non-believers and, within the category of the believers, whether we hold this or that belief, we must respect all the traditions. That's very important.

    I always tell people in non-Buddhist countries that followers of other religions should maintain their own tradition. To change religion is not easy, and people can get into trouble as a result of confusion. So it is much safer to keep to one's own tradition, while respecting all religions. I'm Buddhist--sometimes I describe myself as a staunch Buddhist--but, at the same time, I respect and admire the works of other traditions' figures such as Jesus Christ. Basically, all the religious traditions have made an immense contribution to humanity and continue to do so, and as such are worthy of our respect and admiration.

    When we contemplate the diversity of spiritual traditions on this planet we can understand that each addresses the specific needs of different human beings, because there is so much diversity in human mentality and spiritual inclination. Yet, fundamentally, all spiritual traditions perform the same function, which is to help us tame our mental state, overcome our negativities and perfect our inner potential.

    --from Lighting the Way by the Dalai Lama, translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa, published by Snow Lion Publications
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    This is very nice, to see that---as I would like to put it---our religious "beliefs", are something that you respect and admire. And, to tame our mental state,.. it's true, we do that through prayer..meditation for some.
    I couldn't help but think of how our country started when I read in the first paragraph..."that various religions have an important role to play in helping maintain peace"...This country started with "In God We Trust." I'm not preaching here, I'm just pointing out some things that I can relate to, and again appreciate that you stated you admire other ways of thinking. I can see, feel through your posts, that you are a very caring/loving person. I would like to say that I also appreciate learning more about other people's spirituality. Different ways, make different people, make the world go round. :) I'm with rainbow also. I believe it all comes down to love. If everyone could just get that, that one little word, and shape it into their lives sincerely, what a better world it would be. As my belief goes, that's why our Savior came, out of love for us all. :)
    Thanks again Rafiki,
    Love, Cynthia