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    For a few days I have been reading a VERY long article regarding the connection between HHV6, AIDS, and CFS. Mentions of "clusters" of CFS and Fibro have prompted me to post about this.

    This is an excerpt from an actual court case regarding an African American man who was tried by the state of CT for passing on HIV. The defense in this case had expert witnesses testify stating HIV and CFS are both caused by HHV-6. It is a HUGE amount of reading, but for anyone interested I have just put together a few excerpts from the closing arguments. Caution..this is VERY LONG:

    For many years, Congress has given the CDC millions of dollars for research, and Dr. Rivers came forward to tell us that for at least two of those years the CDC had lied about its use of that money. Dr. Rivers called them "intentional misrepresentations."
    I think Dr. Rivers’ testimony supports those who say that the Centers for Disease Control has never told the public the truth about the syndrome from the very moment it was aware of it in the early Eighties.
    Dr. Rivers was on the brink of being made into a scapegoat by the CDC for the institution’s chronic lying about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    Dr. Rivers is a successful white scientist with a great employment record, but that didn’t matter to the CDC when their whole house of cards was being threatened.
    Both Christian King and Dr. Rivers are victims of the CDC’s culture of lying. Just like the men who were in the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, which the CDC failed to shut down after repeated attempts by another whistleblower.
    While Dr. Rivers doesn’t seem to fully grasp the reason the CDC has been lying about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, he has done the nation a great service by standing up and making it clear that the CDC lies whenever it wants to.
    Dr. Tyler told you about research she did on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients back in the late Eighties. I asked her to read that one sentence from the summary of her study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients to you. Let me read it again.
    Dr. Tyler wrote, "In conclusion, the results of the present study, in which a number of the defects of the immune system were determined in a large group of CFS patients, suggest that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a form of acquired immunodeficiency."
    What’s the big difference between AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I hope you now know from the witnesses you have heard testifying in Christian King’s defense, that the only difference between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS is that when white people get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Yuppie Flu, and when black people get the same disease with the same symptoms and the same immune dysfunction, they call it AIDS and they blame people like Christian for spreading it when, in fact, everything the government has told the public about how this thing is being transmitted turns out to be a total lie and one big cover-up.
    Why is Doctor Simon lying about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
    Maybe if we could get in his head, we would know for sure.
    But I think Dr. Ted Walton may have given us some insight.
    As you recall, Dr. Walton has a very sick daughter who has had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly a decade. Dr. Walton has become an expert on the topic because he has tried to get his daughter the best medical treatment available for her condition.
    Dr. Walton has watched in horror as the government ignored every bit of important research that has shown that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by a virus and that it is a serious illness of the immune system and the brain, just like AIDS. The connection between AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome became all too clear to Dr. Walton. He knew they were basically the same thing.
    Dr. Walton told you about his confrontation with Dr. Simon at a medical conference. He caught Dr. Simon off-guard and asked him why the government wasn’t telling the public the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and he says that Dr. Simon said that they were afraid of mass public panic.
    Some people are getting AIDS from HHV-6. Others are getting multiple sclerosis. HHV-6 seems to be causing trouble everywhere. Some people get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or so-called "AIDS minor" from it. It all depends on what strain of the virus you get, how much of it you get, how many times you get infected, and God only knows what other factors.
    We’re all in this together, folks. You’re not just giving a black man justice here, but you’re also saving the white nurses of Key West and nurses all over the world from the government’s lies about HHV-6. It’s amazing how the good Lord seems to have made justice a package deal. Nurses and doctors all over the world are sick with HHV-6 and don’t know it. They mistakenly think that they have some mysterious illness. The truth about HIV and HHV-6 will set them and everyone else free.
    We hear stories about AIDS being out of control in the heterosexual populations of Africa, Russia, Thailand, and India.
    But we’re told it’s not out of control in the white heterosexual population of America. And we’re given all kinds of fancy reasons for that which I hope by now you all realize are falsehoods.
    We do have an out of control epidemic of HHV-6-related immunodeficiency in the white, heterosexual population of America.
    But it has been hidden behind the euphemism of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Millions of Americans have been given a phony name for their immunological problems. They have been told that the obvious is mysterious.
    If you’re white and you develop immunological problems they give it the silly names of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Yuppie Flu. They made CFS the laughing stock of all medical conditions. They tell you that they don’t really know what causes it, or that it’s a psychological problem. They don’t tell you that you have a large DNA virus called HHV-6 dining on your immune system, and they certainly don’t tell you that you have retroviral garbage like HIV in you, too, even though there is ample evidence that most Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients also have some kind of retrovirus positivity that resembles so-called HIV. A lot of covered-up evidence, I should add.

    I warned you..it was long. These are only a few key excerpts. If you want to read more do a search on these words...The closing Argument HHV6. You should find it right away it is the first link you see if you search on yahoo.

    Now, I am not trying to start a controversy here, or show a huge conspiracy theory..I am just showing how HHV6 is tied into both diseases but not as recognized as it should be.

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    My doctor in Indianapolis said the same thing. There are a lot of people who think that CFS is a weaker strain of the HIV virus. I dunno, but it wouldnt surprise me
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    Just posted that I have been in remission since taking Famvir, an anti-viral drug for Herpes-family viruses. My new specialist is trying to learn all he can about the most effective way to fight these viruses.

    Love, Mikie
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    hmmm...it is really scary but somewhat a relief. I don't understand why they think it would cause mass panic...i mean those of us who have this DD have panic already so whats the problem with telling the truth? It would actually be relieving, i really dont give a f#&% anymore about what causes this but i want to know how to treat it!!! I mean, come on!!!
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    I also have often wondered if CFS and HIV were related. In fact I had a test for HIV done just to rule this out. I have worked with and around lab specimens ever since AIDS & HIV hit public awareness. So I had been in situations where exposure was a possibility and that makes me anxious to read all the data relating the two. They are so similar in what they do to our bodies and in how they make us so susceptible and at high-risk for other opportunistic agents.