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    I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea what these labs mean. My EBNA is 1:160. this was done by FOCUS
    Unfortunately-even after a second try, Quest sent my HHV^ to Quest NOT Focus. The Quest results were:
    HV6-AB IGM < 20,, IGG was 10. Is this even worth sending to DR Montoya or anyone?
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    Hi, Terri,

    I had some problems also with the labs going to the wrong place. Quest is a big company and owns Focus among its many other labs. Most recently I went to a Quest service station directly (look in your local phone book or google Quest) to get blood drawn and asked them specifically to send it to Focus. My lab results are pending.

    From cat003, lisagra, and swedeboy's experiences, Montoya will repeat your labs unless they are from Focus as there is some concern other labs may not be as consistent in results. None of them had HHV-6 but he is also running some other viral titers (HHV-7, parvovirus, others?) to see what else shows up. Lisagra posted that she might have active parvovirus infection.

    The EBNA you posted is titer for past exposure to EBV; I think they're looking more at EA (for reactivation) and EBV VCA IgG/IgM.

    My HHV-6 from Quest looks like yours but I am planning to see Montoya anyway as Stanford is only 20 minutes from me. I'm paying out-of-pocket as my insurance doesn't have Stanford in network; RN there told me first time visit is $200-700 but they might be able to discount if you tell them you are paying out of pocket. My stance on this is I need to know as much as possible about what I have despite the fact there may not be a specific treatment yet.
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    thanks so much for taking the time to get back with me with answers. This whole thing with Quest is pretty frustrating because I went directly to a Quest draw station after calling and double checking that they would send it to FOcus. I live 35 miles away and had to go back and have it redrawn because the first time they didn't run the HHV-6 tests even though the doctor stapled the list from Montoya's office to his prescription, as well as writing it out, and the lab tech actually wrote right on the draw, "send to Focus" even the second time. They didn't even run EA either time. I guess I will just send the results to Montoya's office and take it from there. I hate to drive 4 hours each way and pay out of pocket only to find I will need to have eveything re-run and return several weeks later for results. So they will see you even if your titers were not what they were looking for in the study?? thanks again, terri
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    My doctor will write an order for the test I need to see if I am positive for HHV 6 A.

    Can you write out what your lab request was specifically from your doctor? I will be the first patient he is requesting these tests for and I want to make sure I tell him correctly.

    Now I know the HHV6 A must go to Focus. I too use Quest so will have to push to get this done right.

    I am not near Montaya, but think I could find a local doctor once I have my results.

    Thanks for any specific help.

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