HHV6 & Kutapressin

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  1. simple

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    I tested positive for HHV6 recently and have been reading about Kutapressin. It sounds very promising. Has anyone taken it and does it really get rid HHV6? Also, I just found out my insurance does not cover the cost, so I have to pay $209 from my local Rite Aid for a bottle. Ouch. Can anyone recommend any other places that I can perhaps buy it for cheaper. Thanks in advance.
  2. beckster

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    tell me about how long the $140 bottle lasts, approximately?
    I very much need to try this. Oh, also,
    do you take it all the time, that is all seasons? I have a lot more viral stuff going on in winter and think I could get by with it for then. Do you (without the meds) function at a much different level in one season than another? Do you need the kutapressin year round? Also,
    is the syringe an allergy syringe, or must you do it IM?
    Thanks for your info. Beckster
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  3. LinnFam

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    of Kutapressin for my son. He takes 2cc, 5 days a week. He's also on Doxy and 2 hours of Oxygen daily (10-12 lpm)
    We have just completed one month of this treatment. He has been herxing alot and I guess it's too early to determine if he's improved, but, at times, I see that he has a bit more energy. He loves to go to the store with me, maybe once a month, but that simple short jaunt usually lands him in bed. If we could just find a solution for the headaches...he reacts severely to every oral we've tried. Doc is going to try him on some sample Duragesic patches. Son says he's willing to most every day bad headaches without anything, but would like to try injections for the freight train migraines.
    Back to the Kutapressin: He takes it IM, & it does hurt and bruise, but once in a while, he hits a spot that doesn't. I just paid $342.00 for 2 vials & the syringes! I'm definitely calling Pharmacy at the Park TODAY! Thanks for that info.
  4. simple

    simple New Member

    Thank you very much for that info. You have been very helpful!

    From what I've read, Kutapressin normally comes in 20cc vials. Most people on this forum seem to be taking 2cc per daily... so that means one vial should last 10 days. And everyone says to take this along with B-12 shots. Without the B-12, it's not effective. And both should be administered in your muscle. Hope this helps.
  5. simple

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    I want to pass along this...
    I just called Pharmacy on the Park and one vial of Kutapressin costs $159 plus 10.20 for shipping. They said to fax and mail your prescription but I'm thinking why can't they just call my doctor and make it easier. Anyway, this is still the cheapest I've seen.
  6. alec

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    I just completed one month of Kutapressin. My doctor did not prescribe B-12 shots with the Kutapressin, but did start me on MGN3 and transfer factor. I started with the Kuta, added the MGN3 the following week, then transfer factor a week later. I also take a multi-vitamin, cal/mag and Armour Thyroid daily. It may be too early to tell if this combination is working. I've had some days that I thought I was feeling better and some that were really awful--but I had that before I started this treatment. I'm really new to this and have not been officially diagnosed with CFS. My doctor has me on the Kutapressin because I tested high for EBV.

    I'm really interested in how the Kutapressin has worked, or not worked, for others.