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  1. nancyann62

    nancyann62 New Member

    There is testing available for HHV6A and B. The two
    scientists who do this are featured in the book THE
    VIRUS WITHIN by Nicholas Regush. There is further
    information on the HHV6 website. nancy
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'd found this paper when it was published by the HHV6 org a while back before the buzz about valcyte and Montoya here:

    But still don't see on their site what test exists or what the cure is...
    just talks about the research by Montoya...

    altho I admit I'm brain-fogged today; so if not, please tell me

    BTW, here's a list of research they're currently funding:


  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Is an excellent book. That is why I added the TF 200 to the TF C. HHV-6 seems to be common in people with our illnesses. Something in the TF's caused me to Herx completely differently the first two times I Herxed on the TF's, despite having taken Famvir for 1 1/2 years. AV's aren't all that effective against HHV-6. TF C only targets the B strain but TF 200 targets both.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    This was a bit confusing to me at first but after reading HHV-6 Foundation info and others repeatedly, my conclusion is that HHV-6A may not be due to reactivation.

    I gather this from Dr. Robert Gallo's (co-discoverer of HIV)comments at 2006 HHV-6/7 International Conference in Spain.

    HHV-6B IS ubiquitous and causes roseola infantum in kids. Many people have had HHV-6B before. When research studies use complicated methods to try to distinguish HHV-6A vs. B, it seems to show that many healthy people have HHV-6B but not HHV-6A.

    HHV-6A according to Gallos "is NOT ubiquitous"; he wants researchers to state if they are talking about "A" or "B" in the future to clarify this. HHV-6A is the virus thought to be involved in CFS. So HHV-6A may be something people catch and then develop disease. This makes sense in that the Montoya responders all had acute-onset CFS; 2/3 non-responders had gradual onset.

    Unfortunately, there is no easily available test to differentiate between HHV-6A vs. HHV-6B so that people may have high HHV-6 overall titers but not respond to Valcyte because their titers are mostly HHV-6B. This also makes sense in that 1/3 non-responders had acute-onset, HHV-6 titer of 1:2560, EBV IgG titer of 1:640 but did not respond.

    Feel free to correct if you come across different info.
  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Based on these comments, should a doctor try Valcyte if the patient, like me, had an acute onset. My physician would like a lab test to follow any progress, but perhaps this is not possible.

    Any comments?
  6. nancyann62

    nancyann62 New Member

    This virus can cross the blood/brain barrier and travel to the brain via the spinal fluid. Some therapies can put the virus into a dormant state and the patient can remain on anti-viral drugs like famvir or valtrax and hope for the best. The tests done by Doctors Knox and Carrigan show if the virus is active or not. These are
    the same doctors who are featured in THE VIRUS WITH
    IN by Nicholas Regush.
    Any doctor can reach the lab run by Dr. Knox and Carrigan in Wisconsin. As well, any doctor can read
    The HHV6 Foundation's website and get needed information and the names of professionals who can
    help with information. Nancy
  7. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thank you for the information. I will check it out for my doctor.

    I had a spinal tap done for the virus many years ago and the doctor did not put on the top to the tubes. Since I lived out of town, I had to recover in a hotel room for about 4 days.

    I only later found out about the doctor's mistake when I kept calling their office for the results. I was living across the country from this well respected physician and he never apologized and I never went back.

    I hope to get labs done locally with a blood draw this time.

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