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    Hi, pardon me for getting right to it but I can't afford to see a doctor at the moment and would like some experienced opinions. Thank you in advance.

    I have fibro, I know that. But I suspect I have some degree of nerve damage too--probably from crushed discs and sciatica. I know when I'm having a fibro flair-up but I also get these tremendously intense and sudden but fleeting (thank heavens!) pains in various parts of my body--usually tops of my feet or lower legs--that either wake me up or make me literally yell and jump, checking to see if I either just got bit by something or shocked somehow. Does fibro cause such pain or do you think that might be more a nerve damage thing? Is there anything that can stop this? I can no longer do my job as an NCMA (medical assistant) b'c of this. It's too dangerous for me to do needle sticks anymore.

    I hope someone can shed some light here. I'll be glad to answer any questions if it will help. Thanks again.
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    Hi, 3gs. I really appreciate your response. Thank you.

    Yes, I have several bulging discs and at least one fractured. I had a serious back injury when I was 10 and another when I was working on an ortho ward but one doctor thinks it might be the way I was born that is coming back to haunt me--head and one leg first. I couldn't walk for nearly the first 3 years of my life. The back pain is constant and usually fairly tolerable but when it gets bad, I can't move, it's excruciating. Even taking a deep breath can be horrible. And the sciatica is double but worse on one side than the other.

    But these pains that I was wondering about--if they're nerve damage, I guess I'm not clear on everything fibro does to present itself. I haven't seen a doc much since I was diagnosed 4 years ago.
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    Wow, you have a lot to deal with, too. I just don't know how people do it sometimes.

    I'm 50 and feel too young to be feeling like this. Anyway, other symptoms...spots on my body that feel bruised to the touch, frequent inflamed and painful lymph nodes on or around my ears(is that a symptom? I don't think so) extreme fatigue, no depression but I do go into a brain fog and get in moods during a flair up but for the most part, I handle it well. I don't have access to meds or a doc.

    Yes, you've been a great help. I appreciate your help. Looking forward to hearing more about the book. Thank you.
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    Hi, sorry for taking so long to get back here.

    I was a cma on an ortho ward but haven't worked since '04 b'c of the medical problems. I've since moved out of state and don't have medical at the moment.

    I guess I had the wrong idea about fibro. I thought it was mainly soft tissue and joint pain.

    What about anemia? Is that common to keep getting it with fibro?

    I'll get the book as soon as I can. It will probably answer all my questions.

    I hope you're feeling better today--I know it's one day at a time with this. Thank you for all your patience and kind help. I do appreciate it.
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    I tell my husband it's like being stabbed with a knitting needle. I know someone else who says theirs is like being stabbed with a fork. (Mine are worse during flare-ups and often in muscles that I've been using a little too much for my body to appreciate, and they sometimes repeat every 10-45 seconds in the same spot.)

    But I do believe it goes with the FM. I know I never had them before.

    You questioned whether they could be FM-related as FM is supposed to be primarily joint and soft-tissue pain. But I think these stabs *are* muscle pain...sudden severe muscle spasms.

    My rhuemy has prescribed a muscle relaxer for me (mine is Zanaflex, but there are several available). This is effective in combating not only these muscle spasms but also help somewhat with the general tightness and stiffness that's so often in the back and shoulders.

    A couple of other things I've tried with some success is a heating pad on the bad spot, or a soak in a warm bath. The problem there is that as the spot "cools off" the spasms sometimes come back. But it might be worth a try.

    I can't say for sure that there's no possibility of neurological damage. I do know that I've had tests done that show that is not the case for me, aside from a couple of bulging disks and some spinal arthritis which I've been assured could not be causing these spasms.

    Best wishes,

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