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    When you get a chance, I need to know if you know of a source for potentially bad interactions between herbal/prescription/vitamins..A much lengthier discussion of my mother's situation is, on page 2, of my post on Improvements on Olive Leaf Extract..if you just punch on your name and my post, it will get you there...(you probably already know this, just stating to make sure you get there, as easily as possible)

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    I am not too sure how to get anywhere on here.LOL

    No one really is too sure about herbal interaction. Iteractions usually happen because of the action of the CYP450. Only ones that I know that can definetly interact are St. John's Wort, as it activates many liever enzymes. And also, I am not too sure about Milk Thistly (silymarin) as it is used as a detoxicant for acetaminophen toxicity, I would imagine it mitigates the effects of specific meds.

    Luckily it only lasts about 4 hrs in the body so taking it at an interval away from other medication would help.
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    I am not going to pretend to know what CYP450 is, but I thought amongst your learned cohorts and colleagues, someone may know of a reliable source that I can contact on herbal/prescription interactions..which I have found some..but not much on Olive Leaf Extract and Coumadin, Embrel, Prednisone and Imuran mixtures (my mother's medications)..She is a great person, and I have to find a way to build her immune system..I think she has mycoplasma...

    And if you think you might have the mycoplasma infections or have sinus/allergy/migraine, high blood pressure, lack of energy, or other problems of these DDs (haven't seen what your symptoms are), I highly recommend OLive Leaf Extract...It has been the only medication that has really been of great help to me..I don't recommend supplements, usually, either..but I know you need your ENERGY to deal with all those patients..and I realize you are probably stretched in all directions, so just respond when you can..