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    Hi Again!

    This is Calgary Chris writing to you all again to say Hello! I have not been on the board for the past year, had a new baby....my third boy and my pregnancy was horrific! However, my gorgeous Ethan is sooo worth it. Last one, got spayed during my c-section so no more babies for me. (I am a vet tech, so "spayed" is a little vet humor, it cracked the docs up in the OR)But, glad to be back and I will write again soon as I have a major problem and I need advice so you will hear from me again...nice to read all your posts again!

    Take Care
  2. obrnlc

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    hi chris--
    I don't know you from before, but wanted to congratulate you on your new addition, sorry the pregnancy was bad for you but at least you got something enjoyable out of it!

    how are the other kids dealing with new baby? how old are they? post a picture if you can, always great to share in someones great news on here! I wish you pain free days to enjoy the kiddos, and endless energy to keep up with them!

    you must be busy, so take care and HAVE FUN with the little ones--they grow so fast!!--L

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