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    Just wanted to touch base-How is your "diet" (for lack of a better word") going? Have you finished the 40 days? We are going on vacation tomorrow. I really need to go. August is all about school starting up and hiring new staff. Yikes. I have to have a colonoscopy when I get back which I am a little nervous about. It is in response to pain (divirticulitis) I had in May. Mostly to rule out cancer. I've had staff issues this week and am more than a bit stressed out. Fibro is bad-very humid in the Milwaukee area, and sinus-allergy problems are rampant with everyone. My face hurts so bad. waa waa waa. I hope you are recharging. Did I ever ask you if you have read the "Red Tent"? Great book. You may just read it thru in one night. "Talk" to you soon! Love Cindy
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    We had a terrible storm last night. It has been very hot and humid and miserable but I was just outside now and the cool front is coming in. I am so glad. I am getting ready to clean out my garage a bit and I have been waiting on some cooler weather.

    I am going to get my mom on Monday and bring her back with me to stay for a week. She lives downstate about three hours away. She doesn't drive much. The second anniversary of my Dad's death is coming at the end of this month so my mom will be here with me when that hits. It has been so hard for my mom but I am very proud of her. She is doing pretty well considering they grew up next door to each other and were married for 58 years. That is a very long time together and they did everything together.

    I am sorry you are having intestinal problems. I have to have colonoscopies on a regular basis. They found a precancerous polyp the first time I had one a few years ago and I really think that saved my life so as much of a pain as that test is I really am thankful that I had it.

    Is this your first one? The test itself is not that bad because they will sedate you and you will not remember much if any of the procedure. I don't remember any pain at all. The prep is what is the pain. If you have a choice try to go with the easier version because there are choices out there which some people don't realize. I never had to drink the gallons of go lightly stuff. No matter which version you do you will become very good friends with your bathroom. LOL

    You do want to follow the directions carefully. One of my friend's husbands did not and tried to cut the whole prep short and then he got to the doctor and he sent him back home to do it all over again. Men!!!! LOL

    I feel pretty dragged out the next day as well so you might want to try to plan on that day off if you can.

    One time I had to direct a jazz band concert the next morning. Oh man. Never again.

    My diet is coming along very well. I have had lots of energy to do many dreaded chores around the house so that is a good indication that something is working. I don't think I will really know until school starts just how much renewed energy I will have. In the summer time I get much more sleep and usually have more energy anyway.

    Monday will be day 40 I think. I sort of lost track. I am into my sixth week. I have lost 9 pounds so I am thrilled about that. I plan to make some lifestyle changes. I may not follow it to the letter and I am not doing that even now because of the expense.

    I am not doing the raw milk thing even though I did look into it. I never got a response but there is a coop near me that provides those kind of things. Obvioulsy they must have lots of customers for them to not respond to my email. I sent it weeks ago.

    I do think I would recommend it. I am not drinking tap water at all. I am looking into buying an under the sink filter when I can afford it. I am buying big jugs of bottled water right now. They are a pain because I have limited space to put all of them.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation. Thanks for posting. I haven't been on the board much lately. Take care. How's hubby and son? Hope they are well

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    I was so happy to hear from you before I leave! Thanks for all the info on the colonoscopy. The scheduling person was VERY informative and sweet and considerate, and she made me feel more comfortable about it all as well. I am THE TYPE to do the cleanse to a "T". The prep for my cat scan cleaned me out; I wish they had told me to expect it tho, because I went back to work same day. BIG MISTAKE! As soon as I left the bathroom, I would run back in. I was useless at work that day.

    I'm so sorry about your Dad. I have both of my parents still-They are relatively young and healthy yet-68 and 71. That is the only thing I don't like about having my son at almost 41. When he is my age I will be 88 yrs old! yikes! It's good you can spend the time with your Mom. Will this be a relaxing time for you, or will you have MOM STRESS?!

    We didn't get the same big storm as you, but there were warnings on the tv about it. It is so humid here today again, and everyone (teachers) is complaining about headaches. Do you get Lake Effect where you are? We are inland about 20 miles, so it doesn't really affect us.

    I was reading on another post about your cat. My cat is going to be 16 in Sept. She is my baby too. I bottle fed her-she was a rejected runt. She is a beautiful calico with grey, tan and white markings who thinks she is a dog. She's friendly and does tricks. Her name is Tabitha, but we call her Boo-Boos. My son's nickname is Bubbas. I don't know why we do this, and it's good we don't have any more children-don't know what we'd call 'em!

    I think its just great that you see results with your diet-very inspiring. When I get back from vacation I am going to cut out sugar, and see how that goes. Yeah, sure, I could cut it out starting tomorrow, but I'm not gonna! So there. LOL. Really, I have been very careful about it(sugar) the past 2 weeks, but when I get back, my plan is to stay away from any processed foods and see what happens.

    Anyway, have a wonderful time with your Mom, and if she takes naps, take one too!!!

    Love, Cindy

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    What diet are you on? 40 days?

    Just wondering. Hope you don't mind the eavesdropping...(-:

    I'm glad you've lost the weight and have more energy. I need that exact thing.

    Hope to hear from you.

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    I am bumping a thread to the top that says Bandwoman. You posted on there and I wrote you a post and you probabably never saw it. I think I answer your same question.

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    The Maker's Diet, huh?

    I have heard of this before. May be time to check it out.

    Thanks for bumping and directing me!

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    You may not see this but I will post anyway. Tomorrow is day 40 for me on the Maker's Diet. By tomorrow I will be appoaching a 10 pound drop. PTL So the question is how do I feel since my personal goal was to do the 40 days and see what I think.

    I am a band director and will be back at school in just three weeks. I have a grueling schedule that starts at 4:20 every work day. That will be the true test. I like the weight loss and want to continue with that even though my original intent was to feel better, start a healing process and the weight loss I knew would be an added bonus.

    I have made some pretty drastic changes these last few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to sustain many of those changes when my free time is hardly ever and my energy is hardly none. LOL I have had a lot of motivation to do lots of work around the house and in my yard this summer. I haven't taken much time off but have done quite a bit of work most days. I guess that is a very good sign. I still rest in between jobs and have the luxury of taking naps.

    I went out with a frined recently and she said my skin even glows. I think that Jordan mentions that in his book as a positive to the diet.

    I would say give it a try. I do think you will feel better.