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    hi all,
    just a little update--

    well i've been on these new supplements (magnesium/potassium aspartate, herbal adrenal tonic, an ayervedic <herbal> liver support formula)-- as well as taking floradix iron everyday--
    almost 2 weeks & still no diff. i spoke w/ the holistic doc again & he said it will actually take at least a month (UGH) to really notice any change, which makes sense, since sometimes it takes your body a long time to recover from a condition it took a long time to get to. in the meantime it just sucks feeling like a big lump of lead you are trying to drag around all day!! i get home from a regular 8 hr day & collapse on the bed, sometimes go right to sleep. that just ain't normal. or, i veg out like a zombie watching mindless drivel TV (not usually like me!), unable to do anything, work on projects, clean, etc.. even having a conversation on the phone is too exhausting to think about. it feels as if all day i'm in a fight between my body and the ground, and gravity wants to win! meanwhile, i really need a second job to survive in this society, and in order to get proper health care (since it all comes out of pocket). sure, i'd LOVE to exercise, even a little-- if every little effort of physical exertion didn't completely deplete me.

    anyway, i have a question-

    i've been thinking lately of all the sleep i missed out on in my 20's, from working late, staying up late, having a social life, from stressful events, and then dragging myself out of bed in the morning to work, w/o proper sleep (sometimes maybe 3-4 hrs, and towrds the end, often w/ hangovers-- and no, i'm not an alkie- i get drunk/hungover from half a drink! i don't drink at all anymore though.) i wonder if doing that too many times can have long-term implications. i mean obviously, there can be complex factors behind CFS/FM-- but i wondered if that could be a contributing factor- since it's during sleep that the body repairs itself... and if you deprive it enough when you're young, thinking- "oh i'm still young, i'll be fine"-- that maybe it can catch up w/ you years later...

    just wondering what you all think of that idea...

    thanks & take care~

    (and thanks so much again, to all those who responded to my other post--!)
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    It is my personal belief, and a lot of researchers' as well, that there is a genetic predisposition to our illnesses. We can remain relatively healthy until something triggers our illnesses into an active state. Triggers can be most anything from auto accidents to stress to being sleep deprived. If being sleep deprived didn't trigger your illnesses, something else most likely would have eventually. Some of us know for sure what triggered our illnesses and some cannot put their fingers on it. These are strange illnesses.

    Love, Mikie