HI ALL-- Diabetes or LOW/NO SUGAR & CARB. Thread, etc !!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Not going to write much riught now but would be welcome to hear any of your recipes, shopping or cooking information. As I said before my DH was just dxed as being borderline so we will at least try the diet and exercise for now. What medication is Kevin on? Hope my DH doesnt need any but if so they have it.

    I just bought the cheapest brown rice I coulld find in a small package - WalMarts but not sure if I cooked it right since it came out sort of sticky or gummy. It is also the first time I have ever cooked it. It also cooks so much longer, almost 50 minutes.

    Oh, I bought some wheat spaghetti. Does that also come out hard and yucky as leftovers? Thanks for telling me that on the leftovers.? Just wondering if the wheat pasta will do the same thing. When making spaghetti and sometimes rice I cook extra for leftovers. I saw the Minute Brown Rice too but did not buy it. Does it taste OK and how long does it take to cook - 5 minutes, is it instant?

    My husband is also a meat and potatoes guy bugt he does like salads and veggies whicvh is a good thing. If not this diet deal could be a pain. We will cheat tonight and have steak and potatoes. Howeer, the potato was big and i cut it in 1/2 for each of us. We have not had them in awhile .

    Does he take his blood sugar often?

    Hope you have a great weekend Diane and didn;t have any more storms last night. If I think of some o more stuff I will ask later on. As you can probably tell I am not a big baker, never was but did used to bake choc chip cookies often when the kids were young for all of us. DH loves those !

    Oh, do you ever buy bread from the grocery store?? I did buy a sugar free whole wheat bread with no sugar and he had those with eggs today. Wonder how that will effect his blood sugar. I guess we will have to do alot of experimenting shall we say. Right now I am waiating to find out about getting the lancets and test strips which will not be covered by our med insurance but some will be on Medicare. So now we wait to see what is what. Still waiting to hear from Caremark. I suppose I will end up calling them soon.

    This stupid weather, it is trying to decide whether it will rain or not all day. We haven't had much and did go out and paint some of the posts outside on the deck but not much with my back.

    Bye for now !

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    Just popped in to se if there were any posts. Thanks for yours. I am sure there will be lots of questions coming up but I know that you have done a lot of diet changing and cooking for both of your different problems. So, i figured it never hurts to ask. Plus, I know all you cooking that I have tried has been GOOD !!

    Not sure how much I will be around tomorrow with church and then having to make the big thing of Spanish rice for our dinner group. I hope I am not stuck with lots of leftovers of that since he probably shouldn't have much of the rice. Oh well !

    I guess a lot of this will be trial and error to see what tastes good and won't make his blood clucose go up a lot !!

    Hugs to you both and have a great weekend (what is left of it) !

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is lunch time so I have to go fix it. I have to go check the type of bread or should I say brand of bread. It is no sugar, I believe but have to check the brand.

    I thought the glucose meter was getting easier but last night while I was gone he tried to do it again and he was having problems. I know that you havae to hold the blood drop at just the right angle for it (the strp) to catch it otherwise it won't work. He gets frustrated easlily with it and would probably just like to chuck it if you now what I mean. The time before it went well but I was not there. Yesterday he did it a couple of times and it wasn't working right.

    The party went great and I had rice left over but thta is OK., Some is in the freezer and we had some last night.

    I thought the same thin about changing the subject line and will do tht when I think of it,

    Gotta go fix lunch and will check back later on. Have to go to singing practice this afternoon too. Did some painting this morning on the patio posts outside -yuck !

    Be back later on !

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, I know that is what you are supposed to do. I was not there when he tried to do it the last time so will try to supervise. I think I will be anervous wreck only because he is not the most patient person, esp when it comes to doing or trying something and it does not come out the first or second time. I almost wish I could do it on myself - a lot easier !

    I think the bread I got was Mrs. Bairds no sugar but it has carbs of course. I need to some more looking around but what do you use when you are not baking? Iknow you alkso use no or low salt and thta is find for us to if you can find it. I surely can use no or low salt. DH also has moderate hi b/p. Mine is really high - unfortunately.

    Iknow you do not eat potatoes but about how much does Kevin eat? Does he have to monitor himself when he eats them? We will share a baked potato tonight with some sausages. These potatoes are big anyway and so 1/2 is probably OK. Without rice or potatotes DH with wither away away. He is feeling better today and so will wat anything that doesn't eat him first. Any other suggestions? Oh, we both like pasta and I love it so will have to monitor that I guess. I sent away for a book the doc told us about with carbs of different foods and such. I forget the name of it. It has not come yet though.

    Have to go check the Porch and the other thread if I can before off to singing.

    Hugs back to you,
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane -what kind of salad dressing do you use for salads ? I was surprised to see that the Italian Dressing we have has more sugar than the Ranch. It is not a whole lot but 4 g per serving I think. I think the Ranch was ) or 1 g. I told DH he was not supposed to drown the salad like he usually likes to do with dressing.

    Do you make your own oil and vinegar, if so what are the amounts and any other ingredients.

    Gotta run for now especially since I cannot think of anything else to ask. I am sure I will think of something else later on.
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been so busy today with this and that medication ordering and contacting docs and phams along with a little bit of painting of the posts outdoors. What a pain. Now I should really go outside and paint some more but before that I need to go chlp some of the limbs and things that are in the way when I want to paint. So this will not be a long post.

    Thanks so much for the info. I will try your recipe after I use up what wed have. Actually the Italian I have has 4g of sugar . He has gotten alot better with not using half the bottle each time :) !!He was that way also with catsup but is trying to get better ..

    I will check those sites when I can. Should go outside and do some chopping away of limbs tht will cause me problems when I try and paint. Will have to do more tomorrow to and this weekend. I will be so glad when it is done.

    BTW, "WE" did the glucose meter yesterday and had to do it 2x. Now I think I know a couple things we were doing wrong. First of all we are supposed to turn it off first, then put in the strip. Also leave the strip touching the blood for at least 5 seconds or it will not take. If you take it away to soon the meter will show an error message. These gagets are something else, really greeat but can drive you crazy at times., like computer :) !!

    Gotta run and do some pruning so I can paint tomorrow - what fun ?

    Mucho thanks and hugs.

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    How are you? Hope all is well! Saw your post and wanted to add in some ideas. I had "metabolic syndrome" or something like that about 4 years ago and am doing great now. Diabetes runs in my family. I eat a low-glycemic diet, which is pretty much the same as a diabetic diet---low sugar and high fiber.

    Some thoughts and ideas:

    1. Oroweat Double Fiber Bread. It has 6 grams of fiber per slice and 2 grams of sugar (not sure if the bread needs to be sugar free though). I love the taste; it has raisin extract in it, which adds a nice flavor.

    2. Whole wheat noodles are great! I actually like the taste better than white noodles.

    Re: the brown rice...if I'm remembering correctly, I don't think it has that much fiber in it. You might want to double check.

    Also, this might be obvious, but don't forget to add tons of fruits and veggies during the day b/c many are loaded with fiber, which is really helpful for diabetics (and obviously anyone in general). That contributed towards me losing 20 pounds when I had the metabolic syndrome. The fiber makes you feel fuller, so you don't want to eat as much.

    Hope this is helpful. :)

    Big hugs,

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Arte you also counting in wheat Spaghetti when you were talking about you enjoying wheat pasta better than regular? I bought a couple pkgs of both so am curious of how they taste. Alsol, do they serve up OK as leftovers. Diane mentioned that some pastas ( I forget the kind) do not do well in reheating. They get really hard or something. The problem right now to is that I have alot of regular thin spaghetti I have to use up first. I guess then he just needs to eat less of the spaghetti.

    I know the fruits and veggies are very good for you and us all. He is not a big fruit lover but is getting better. We are putting strawberries or blueberries in our cereal in the morning. What cereal do you eat in the morning. It has been Rasin Bran lately for us or Cheerios which is probably the one with the least sugar , I think.. I have never been a hot cereal person. DH went through a stage with hot oatmeal fir his cholesterol. Now that he is doing a lot better with that he hasn't had it in a long time. I need all the fiber I need with my constipation problems., I have had that forever since I was born and that is forever :) !! DH doesn't have that problem at all !!

    BTW, DH doesn't need to lose any weight except his tummy ever once in awhile.

    So far I do not think I like the brown rice, at least the kind I made the other day. It came out to gummy. I just figured it was better for you. I may try some that Diane mentioned.

    Well, I have to run for now. Thanks again soo much !

  9. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Granni,

    Yes, I eat whole wheat spaghetti. It makes for good leftovers too; I haven't had a problem with them getting hard (no consistency changes with it). The brand I use is "Heartland", which says on the package that it's 100% whole wheat spaghetti. I buy it at Wal Mart. I've eaten it for so several years now and really enjoy the hearty flavor of it. Hope you and your DH like it too!

    For breakfast, I eat Fiber One Original cereal (the original variety has the most fiber). I add a healthy dose of cinnamon for not only because it tastes good and helps with flavor, but also because I learned that cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar (I think you have to use liberal amounts of it though for it to start help with the blood sugar stabilization.). I also add blueberries or strawberries to my cereal (yum!).

    Sorry about your constipation issues. I've had IBS for eons. I know it's frustrating! Feel good.

    Big hugs,

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I made the spahettin the other day and have plenty of leftovers. I think I mayhave used the same brand as you that I got from WM. Yes, it tasted pretty good I think. DH didn,t mention it so it must have liked it OK. I am the spaghetti nut :) !! I will try the Fiber One later on. zwe have also been using Cheerios. We also put blueberries (if in season) and strawberries on our cereal. He also has been sometimes eating a piece of toast or two. I found a Mr. Bairds shole wheat without sugar bread. So far his blood siugar has been very good. It has only gone up to 100 for the highest. Going to a luau tonight at our club so we will see what his B.S. will be then.

    I have also been giving him and taking cinnamon caps. May try eliminating that to see what it does also.

    Gotta run now and go to church.

    Thanks !


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