hi all going to rehumy today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Hi All: Hope everyone is feeling at least a little better today,fall leaves are finally looking nice in this part of Ky. Going to see rehumy today,right shoulder giving me a lot of problems so probably have shot in it: YUCK. Go see Dr. Jones on Thursday for my thyroid. I called and they said it was a cold nodule but he may want to do a biopsy and there were some other things he needed to discuss with me,sounds like fun. Oh well it will soon be over. Take care all and stay warm. Have the fireplace on here,suppose to be in the 30's tonight and only in the 50's tomorrow. Guess I'll get ready to hibernate. Talk to everyone later. Thxs for your concern. Biddy
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    Hi Everyone: Made it back from rehumy and yes he gave me a shot in my right shoulder. Told me to put ice om it for 15 minutes every hour until I go to bed. Glad he doesn't think that is cold. He told me my liver functions are good but my inflamtion is up but not enough to worry about right now.Told him I was having trouble with my thyroid and he said that could be why I'am feeling so tired,depressed and disgusted. He drew blood and said if anything showed up he would call. I go see Dr. Jones on Thursday for my thyroid,it came back as a cold nodule so now he wants to talk to me about our options,should be interesting. I have ra in all my joints but feet,shoulder and hands are the worse so far but I have also noticed my back is hurting more of course the change in the weather isn't helping cold one day and warm the next. Go for tonight. Everyone take care and talk to you tomorrow. Biddy
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    Hi All: The shot in my shoulder has helped,iced it down most of yesterday and isn't to bad today. At least I can move it now without to much pain. I go tomorrow to find out about the thyroid and what they have decided to do about the nodule. I have taken Synthroid for 28 years but for the past few years have been having more trouble with keeping the thyroid medicine the same dosage,keeps going up or down. I hope we can get a thyroid board going,think it would be helpful to a lot of people. Let me know if I can help in anyway. We had a heavy frost last night,all my flowers,except for my mums are gone but guess it is that time of year. Turned the fireplace on the past few days. Take care all and thx everyone for all your concern and for all your thoughts. I will let everyone know what I find out tomorrow. Good night and stay warm or maybe stay cool depending on where you live. Biddy

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