hi all..havent been here in a while,just want to say hello.

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  1. hi all,
    just popped in to see how you are all doing,im not sure if you remember me or not.i still have my fibromyalgia,and CFS.now osteo arthritis to add to the list.curently going through side affects with nortriptyline,and have been told by the dr,that there are no more of this type of tablet for me.so im having to put up with the side affects to stay in part time work.or its back in the wheel chair.

    take care all.
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    I remember you from long ago. I don't post often, but do read for new info when I can. Like you, I work part-time in a very active job in the schools. It's so hard at time, but I have no choice but to continue. I have had FM for many years. Is the nortriptyline helping you? I tried those drugs long ago, but they left me feeling so drugged in the morning but they did help with the stiffness.
  3. ikathy,
    the nortriptyline works for me.it keeps that horrible buttock pain and spasms away,so i can walk.its greatly easeing the migraine attacks.and a sort of uncomfortable feeling that i used to get in my ribcage is now calmed down.

    as my body got used to the tablet,i had to increase my dose,on doctors advice.when on two tablets all was well.but after a year the migraines came back each weekend,and my leg spasms came back.

    doctor increased my dose to three tablets,but that made my stomach bloated and uncomfortable.i also got constipated badly and started bleeding from internal piles.so ive reduced back to just two tablets each night.my doctor said there are no more types of this medicine to treat me with after nortriptyline.i have oral thrush with this medicine and its getting me down a bit.

    take care.