((((((((HI ALL HOW WAS EASTER)))))))))

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jordane, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Happy belated Easter.Have'nt been on for awhile.Have had a real bad bout of this DD.Spend most of my days in bed.
    But made a trip to my family for Easter.To see my only grandson enjoy it.I will be granny #2 in late October.I really loved seeing them all,but as soon as we got home today,I went to bed.Closed my curtains,covered my head under the blankets,and prayed to go to sleep.I am wiped out!!
    Just wanted to wish you all Happy Easter,late I know!!:>)
    I am going back to bed now.Do'nt have to tell you how tired I am!!!You all know what it is like.
    I really really hope you are all doing well.Taking care of yourselves.And if theres someone there to pamper you,let them:>)
    Missed getting on and just visiting.Will try to visit tomorrow,if feeling better.
    Please Take Care!!:>)
  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    My day was simple, peaceful and restful.
    Happy holiday to all.

  3. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Hi Jordane, Happy Easter to you also. I spent the day with my three kids and my four grandkids and it was wonderful but tiring. I have had back and rib pain all day but made it through...now I am ready to hit the sack and hopefully go to sleep. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    You are so lucky to have a grandson to watch enjoying the holidays. I can't wait until I have one too!

    My family came here for dinner and for the first time ever I did just about nothing! It took years of training and practice but my DH can now put an entire turkey dinner together.

    I have been really stressed and anxious lately and the last thing I needed was a family dinner. So I told DH he was in charge and he did a great job. I tried to relax and drank more wine than I should have.

    I am a little wound up from all the company so will visit on the computer for awhile.

    I hope you recover soon from your day out.
  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Easter was great....we were at church all morning, then a nice dinner that my hubby fixed 90 percent of, then a relaxing afternoon. I hope you feel more rested today...take care! Terri
  6. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    It was my son's father's turn for Easter, so I was alone. Did not go 'downstate' to visit realitves. Pretty sad actually, but Easter picked up :).

    Church was fun. The kids had a blast. A little too crowded to talk to anyone, but I had a good time.

    Did not want to go straight home to an empty house after, so drove around town looking for an open restaurant.

    Finally found one, and called my brother's house, but my dad (who was supposed to have gone downstate) was actually home :)! I was so happy. He came over to meet me for lunch. (My brother was at his church.)

    After lunch, we went to Meijer where I was able to pick up and give him his birthday present, which he really loved (Frasier Season 7.)

    Then we parted ways, and I went to Blockbuster for a rare, rare treat. (I usually go to the library for rentals.) I rented four movies, went home, crawled into bed and relaxed until 7pm.

    Then I did some eBay listings and hit the sack at Midnight.

    Turned out to be a good Easter for me :).
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  7. chickabee

    chickabee New Member

    Good Monday morning to all. This week-end I went to see my

    oldest child (adult) get baptised. It was so very nice, I

    am so proud of her. I drove an hr. to get there, we all sat

    or stood, etc for almost 3 hrs. It was all worth it. It

    was a beautiful ceremony. Easter day was spent sleeping a


  8. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    people did yesterday. I have been in a terribe flare for weeks. My 2 yr old granddaughter came on Sat morning for the day. We had sooo much fun. Then my step-daughter came about 3:00 and brought my 5 mth old grandson. So Sat. was very special and very tiring.

    My youngest son comes home on the weekends for work so I made him an Easter basket. He will be 20 in June. I took a 4 hr nap, got up and went to the store and did steaks for supper and invited my father-in-law. Im hurting sooo bad today but I wouldnt have changed this weekend for anything

    Much Love

  9. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Nyrofan,so glad to hear you had a peacefull,restfull day.It helps to "recharge" our batteries!:>)Have a great wk!!
    Lillyrose;sounds like you had a fun time,3 kids and 4 grandbabies.WOW.:>) Yes they can tire us out.But are'nt they worth it!:>)Hope you are feeling better,fighting the pain really tires one out.Take Care!! hugs for you,if its ok.
    Pepper,must have been fun having your family for dinner,good that you could set back and enjoy it.:>),(can you train my hubbi):>)So sorry you are feeling stressed,anxious.Hope you are feeling better soon.Fighting the pain and fatigue of this DD is bad enough,feeling stressed just wears one out,emotionally and psychially(SP?)
    Take Care!!
    Terri,glad you had a good Easter.good to have hubbi helping,so you could relax.:>) Take Care!! Have a great wk!!
    Elastigirl,sure you missed your son for Easter,so sorry he was'nt there.Having your dad for lunch,was nice.Happy to hear that you took some "me" time,and relaxed!!:>)Hope you have a great wk!!
    Chickabee,your daughter got baptised,good for her.You must be proud.:>)Thats a wonderfull occasion.Glad you had a restfull Easter!! Take Care!!
    So nice to hear from all of you!!
    Wish for you all,a peacefull.pain free week!!
  10. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Sounds like you had fun on saturday with the grandbabies.They are so precious,are'nt they,makes ones pain fade a bit while with them!!:>)Good to have your son home too!!
    Sorry to hear about your flare ups,hope it is easing some.just fighting the pain is tiring,let alone the other"fun"parts of this DD.
    So set back and relax,take as much "ME" time as you need.
    wish for you a better wk,from this DD.
    gentle hugs:>)
  11. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    We made it to church and I hurt from sitting so long and being scrunched in the seat.

    I rode a golf cart with my husband driving over our jungle of land that we have to clear to build a house on. I am sore today. I am praying I don't get poison oak, as I saw some there.

    Ate dinner with the in-laws.

    I gained 4 pounds from eating too much candy :<)



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