Hi all. Its been a long time since I last posted.......

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    there sure are a lot of new names. Oh, and it seems like my post count shrunk? *shrugging*

    Anyway, hi to you all, whether I knew you before or not.

    An update for those who might remember -

    I'm still working from home as an order-taker for a pizza company. Its working out great cuz I schedule my hours to suit my needs *and* I get to stay in my p.j.'s all day if I need to. ;)

    I still have the same doc, and he *was* still writing "Fybromialgia ?" on any forms he sent to social services on my behalf. But recently he sent me for physical therapy for a lumbar strain (as if I needed *more* back pain) and wrote Fybromialgia (with NO question mark!!) on the requestion along with lumbar strain. So I took a photo copy of it and sent it to my worker to put in my file. hehehe Step one. That was 2 weeks ago. This is the same doc that told me he didn't want to put a diagnosis of Fibro on paper cuz he still wanted me to work (when I wasn't working). I wanted to work too, I just hadn't found anything I could do comfortably long-term!

    So I saw him again today and told him that I need a definative diagnosis and that if he's not ready or able to do it then I'd like a referral to a rheumy, as I understand they can diagnose it. I also said (to take away another of his past arguments) that if some time in the future it turned out to be something other than Fibro, that's okay, cuz at least its something and it would get social services off my case to work more than I'm capable of working *and* telling me that I should be working in an office. I *am* working in an office, my *home* office. Grrrrrrr

    Anyway, after I said all of that, he said "okay" and told his assistant (who's also his wife) to book me an appointment. She's going to call me on Monday. I may not get in to see him until at least April, but I will get put on the call list for cancelled appointments.

    So then I called my worker and told her what I'd arranged. She's going to send my GP a letter requesting a simple letter from him stating that I have Fibro (I'm telling him to leave out the #@&^!! question mark!). Then she will turn my file over to a liaison worker (this is in Ontario, Canada)who will put me on disability temporarily, while I wait for my review. She will send me the package of paperwork that has to be filled out. I'll take it with me to the Rheumy, and probably to the GP too. If (or more likely when) they turn me down, this liaison worker will fight *for* me, so that I don't have to get stressed out dealing with it. That part sounds pretty cool. And all this time I've been down on the Ontario gov't for trashing the social services system so badly. Hmmmm, they missed something! hehehe

    Anyway, I'm feeling better just knowing I've got my doctor doing what I need him to do now. Now it feels like he's totally on my side, where before, I wasn't sure. This is a *much* better.

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