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    Have been on Fm/cfs chat for awhile now just found this.

    I am having a real problem with holiday's upon us, for the past 20 years was marriied to a man who said he was a christian. Told many lies to me,abusive and used Gods word to controll and manipulate me. So ending in divorce Dec 1 this year.

    With all my health problems I don't get to church much but Keep God close through prayer and music and reading the bible.

    My problem is I get so depressed this time of year because of the fighting my soon to be ex causes with visitation and what he and his family do on these days is drink and fight amongst them selves.

    I allowed my daughters to go to their dad's for thanksgiving because their grand father was in from out of town and they hadn't seen him for 5 years. They as usual had alcohol present, My youngest daughter 16 wanted to stay the night at her aunts afterward so I let her well around 10 pm she called and said she was sick and coming home. the Flu has been going around our house so I figured it was that.

    Friday afternoon she informed me she was drinking and got sick. Now how in a house full of people can someone not see a 16 year old is not normal and is so drunk she is sick?

    My 18 year old daughter said she knew something was wrong but didn't want to cause a seen and she never dreamed her sister would do that.

    When I called her dad to ask about the situation he said she never drank there it must have been at her aunts house. I explained every where my daughter said there was alcohol in his home which I could have never known as we have been seperated for 5 years. He wasn't concerned with his daughter drinking or how she was all he was trying to do was place the blame on someone elses house not his.

    I know my daughter is accountable for her actions and she was and is grounded and excepts she made a huge mistake. But as a parent you are also accountable for your child when they are in your home. I know what my children do in my home and I know who they are with.

    I am going crazy trying to get their dad to see that he needs to know what goes on in his home or the girls are not allowed there anymore.

    ok done venting but could really use prayers
    God bless all.

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    I hope you don't mind me abr. your name. Welcome to the worship board. This is a good place to come as there are very faithful prayer warriors who will pray for your situation. We also have a prayer night every Thursday and if you look for the Thursday nigth prayer requests thread you can post on that for the week.

    I am sorry for your situation. I am sure the Holidays are hard for you with all that is going on in your life. Whenever there are children involved it is always difficult for everyone involved when there is a separation or divorce. I feel bad for you as I am sure this is very difficult on you and your kids.

    I don't blame you for being upset with the situation with your daughter. I will pray now for you and I know many will reach out to you on this board. With the holidays some may not be on here but some read and pray only as they may not be up to posting. It is nice to meet you and I will pray for you and continue to lift you and your children up to the Lord. We have seen many answeres to prayer on this board.

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    I raised 2 girls myself and this is a confusing time for them.You did the right thing grounding her-It says I don't accept this ...but I'm sure she got curious with all the people drinking around her
    I pray first that your daughter won't try again.I also pray that your ex finds a resposible way to care for his children. I'm praying for you Nancy,I did it for a while and it's a hard job raising kids alone
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    You have come to the right place. There is much love and many prayers in this place. It is a safe place. First of all sending you a big gentle hug {{{{ }}}}. I am so sorry about your situation. I have been there. The holidays are an awful time. We have this cultural drivel that we are supposed to be like the Brady Bunch and that is not reality. My way of coping is that I don't watch any sappy stuff on tv or listen to sappy music. Some people may disagree with me but that is my way of coping. I have spent many holidays alone and crying. I have spent many years praying for reconciliation in my family and God this past year has answered those prayers and we are reconciling. Stay close to Him and your family and friends who will support you. Father I ask in Jesus Name could You please come and help this lady. Please bring peace into her situation and please give her wisdom as how to handle this situation. Please bring people into her life who can help her and support her through this difficult time. Thank you in Jesus Name. Don't forget to post your prayer requests on the prayer request section for each Thurs. night. Take Care. God Bless and keep in touch. I don't want to offend you but is there a short form of your name or a nickname that would be easier than hey you? Thanks
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    I needed this encouragement you all have lifted me to give me courage to go on I got a call from my friend today who moved to new mexico today also so God really gave me a lift that I needed in your prayers here and my friend calling.

    God is so good I keep telling myself throught many toils and snares in my life God has brought me safe thus far and you all reminded me to count my blessinsg and look to better days to come.

    Some days just get so over whelmed with health issues and 2 teen daughters at home still I forget that I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. I needed this intersession on your parts and I am greteful God showed me this board.