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    Hi All... I posted my first post on here about a month ago... anyway, I took a medical leave after I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus which has been diagnosed now as CFS and FM. Since I have very little relief, it's been very hard for me to work full time. I am going back tomorrow and I'm very nervous about the first day back. It's usually very stressful on Monday's anyway, but since I haven't been there for a month, it's hard to tell what the day will hold. I don't want to even try to sign up for disability, after all the nightmares that I have heard... but I have office equipment and could work from home. I was just wondering if any of you could refer me to a site/company that is NOT a scam of some sort. I would like to transcribe (I don't have medical transcription certificate, but I can transcribe and type about 75wmp). Or data entry or even graphics jobs (I am presently a graphic artist for a sign company. I hope that this isn't going over the line by posting a question of this source on this board, but I don't know where else to turn. I don't want to go through a large stack of paperwork trying to find something that is legitimate because I don't feel like sitting here that long and trying to decide if it's for real... I need to start making some money soon.... Hope everyone is having a better day/weekend than I have. Don't mean to whine... I truly think that it's the weather that's making it worse. God bless you all!

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    I hope you do just dandy tomorrow!It can be stressful returning,especially when you are more run down than the *normals*.Knowing in advance Gives You the Opportunity to prepare and Beware.There are Many scams out there for at home work.I gave up searching and started my own Job to work at home with. I get paid, I guess it is OK.I didn't have NEARLY the Clerical Skill You Display.JOB searching AT HOME WORK WITHOUT Invesment should prove some results. Good Luck & Take Care-Peace,eZ
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    Hi there! We are not allowed to put URL's on this board, but you can do a search for EDIX. They want experienced med. transcriptionists. I think its legitmate. It was in my last week's Sunday paper!! Let me know if it works out!!

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    for your present employer? Maybe your employer would be willing to make some changes in your duties even if you can't work at home. The only caveat is that if you reduce your hours, your benefits are reduced, which would be bad if you eventually had to file for disability (assuming you have LTD coverage).

    I don't know how to find valid companies online. Maybe you could contact Voc Rehab. They should know (even if they don't). I think for medical transcription you need to have the training, which you can also do at home.